Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Moments!

happy moments
today is the day which determines my 'life and death' - the A level results are out today. i was feeling rather apprehensive and nervous as i walked to college. i didn't want to imagine myself receiving drastic results and seeing all my hard work wasted. there were rumours that the results would be released at 12pm. But at 8am, one of my friends came running into the maths room waving his exam result slip excitedly. " see what i got for my physics unit 1 and 2!" he cried. i was totally shocked to see that he got full marks for his physics. 90/90. wow...ihave to salute him. He told me the day before that he expect his physcis to be the worst and he's planning to resit it. But now, i don't see a need in that anymore.

with much persuasion from my friend, i was coaxed to accompany her to get her results. At the same time getting mine too. My heart was thumping really loudly and i was secretly praying that i would get 4A's. before i could reach the office, Mr L ( my physics teacher) came running excitedly to me that i got 120/120 for physics Unit3. "how did you do it?' he asked. " you studied all on your own right?" imagine the guts he had to ask that. i remember vividly the time when he refused to teach me the praticals in unit3. He expressed his doubt and his lack of faith in my ability openly to me. But i didn't have time to think of that at that time. I only had one thing in my mind - my AS results.

i hurriedly looked through the list for my name and announced my candidate number to Datin in shaking voice. after some rummaging, she found my slip and look at the result. "you've got 4A's" she said. I couldn't believe it! It was simply unbelievable! I thought my ears had gone wrong when she said 4A's. i looked at my slip. Couldn't believe what i saw. i looked again. 4A's. then i looked at my physics results...oh my goodness...i got full marks for physics unit2 and unit3. i was so shocked and surprised and i stood rooted to the spot for a few minutes. Finally regaining composure, i asked Datin for my sis and cousin's results. My sis did fairly well. She met the requirements by Leeds -2A's. but her IELTS got only band 7 whereas 7.5 is required. Anyway, i think english don't play a part in getting a place in uni. Steph is just 0.5 shy from the required 7.5. i have a feeling that she would get into Leeds in spite of her IELTS.

this is what i got for AS:

Unit 1 : 86/90
Unit 2: 89/90
Unit 3: 120/120 (full marks)

Unit 1: 87/90
Unit 2: 90/90 (full marks)
Unit 3: 120/120 (full marks)

Unit 1: 100/100 (full marks)
Unit 2: 100/100 (full marks)
Unit 3: 88/100

Unit 1: 100/100 (full marks)
Unit 2: 96/100
Unit 3: 93/100

My targetted result:

Unit 1: 87/90
Unit 2: 87/90
Unit 3: 120/120

Unit 1: 81/90
Unit 2: 81/90
Unit 3: 108/120

Unit 1: 100/100
Unit 2: 100/100
Unit 3: 90/100

didn't set any target for it..hehe

Comparing my real results and my target which i set 1 month before the exam, i was surprised to see that i nearly reached my target. i expected my bio unit 1 and 2 to obtain perfect score as i had studied very hard for it. I just didn't expect my bio unit 3 to get 88. It was quite difficult and i thought i'd ruined my practical investigation. i also expected chem and maths to obtain marks above 90. only physics came out as the unexpected one.

i'm glad and relief that the results are finally out. After studying like mad for the past 6 months ( i never studied so hard before, not even for SPM!), i'm so so so relieved that my efforts were finally paid off. whew...Happiness doesn't seem to end that morning,later that night, i was further surpised by my sis's admittance to leeds despite of her IELTS result. God has been with us throughout these times. Thank you Lord!