Sunday, November 15, 2009

birthday photos!


finally the long-awaited photos which I hv promised!

The Surprise:

The super yummy cake made by Steph:

Group photo - the people who came

Categorising people:
(from left clockwise) SW's cell, batchmates, Lyn's cell and housemates



Monday, November 09, 2009

My birthday post!

I celebrated my birthday last week in the midst of lovely friends and (2/3 of my) family.

It was a great birthday actually. I never really expected so many people to come as I thought it would be just the house and maybe my course mates.

Steph 'conned' me to attend one of the classes she signed up to. I thought the topic 'the role of a junior doc' sounded interesting and I knew that she wanted to have me out from the house/cook for my bday so I agreed to go.

When I got home, I was escorted into Lynda's room.

I was so touched to see so many faces in the dark room glowing in the light from the candles of the bday cake and everyone singing the bday song.


How blessed and loved! Though I din receive many presents, but the companionship I had during my bday was more than everything and definitely priceless. Thanks everyone for making the effort to come even though it was a weekday and some were even rushing with assignment.

PS: pics will be uploaded soon after I get them from my housemate :)