Friday, April 28, 2006

what to do after A2 levels

Just blogging about what I want to do after my A levels just in case i forget

1. work, work, WORK!
2. knitting
3. download tons and tons of Japan dramas to watch
4. learn to play violin n perhaps the guitar?
5. maybe play piano for night service in church

PS: I will continue to update this list...just couldn't remember what I wanted to do dy...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The knitter

Went knitting last Friday with Esther and her friends.
and got myself addicted to cham...
I still have one more physics test on Monday but ended up knitting and knitting...
in the end, for physics unit 5, I only got 50+...*sob sob*...serves me right for not studying. Anyway, physics unit 6 wasn't that good either, Lobster hasn't finished marking yet.

Bio was quite Ok. I thought I could do well in bio unit 5 since the questions came out from past years. Unit 6 W2 paper was even worse. I failed! 15/32..which pulled my overall Bio mark down from 80+ to 75. Still an A for MC standard.

Chem so far so good. Didn't do well as I expected. My only worry is chem practical paper. It was horrible. Wonder how much I would get.

Today Yang Min asked me which uni I'm going. I said Leeds. Then he said why don't go Nottingham. Too expensive ma. But he said Nottingham is more reputed. Since UK has got that work permit thingy, it's better if I graduate in some uni for better job prospect. This makes me unsure again. SIGH. Nottingham is only better than Leeds in the double-degree thingy.

oh...I finished making myt scarf already. Fast ler...took me 5 days to finish (my fastest record ever) *beaming*. Pity I don't have camera to take photo of it. If not I can post it up here. To steph, the colour and patter is different from yours. Mine is brown and black. The next one I'm going to make will probably be handphone pouch. Not sure yet.

oh yea...nearly forgot to mention about uncle sin hung. He telephoned me when I was halfway knitting. Got quite a scare. He wanted to borrow my chem and bio notes from me to photostate. Seems like he's quite worried about his daughter (of course worried la...spend so much money on her to study), I think she just got her results and got 38 for chem. So uncle Sin Hung was rather anxious to borrow the stuff from me. Mum was that just one day of lending notes to someones else can affect my result. Come on la...just see what I'm doing at home! Knitting! Sometimes I have to admit that mum is rather selfish when it comes to helping people. We have to love people in order to be loved. I guess Uncle Sin Hung always 'insult' mum, so that's why mum sort of dislike helping him. ANyway, I'm glad there's no such things among my siblings *grinning*

Monday, April 17, 2006

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I just read it. After like 9 months after it was released. Guess how much I bought it? RM39.95. And the original price? Rm99.90. Damn cheap man… it’s hard cover and it’s original some more...

Went to buy it on Friday after receiving a go-ahead from Steph. I should be studying…sigh…but I couldn’t resist the temptation of wanting to read HP6 and I was kinda worried that by the time I buy the book next week, it would have been sold off.

HP6 wasn’t as nice as the previous books. Not much suspense inside. And yea…someone died inside the book. *Hints: not one of Harry’s friends but the person is quite an important role in the book* A little romance here and there with Harry finding himself a companion….Nevertheless, Steph should read the book. It’s quite nice and the romance is kinda ‘cute’ Esther says.

Oh, I just had my maths exam. Wow...the questions are challenging. I didn’t manage to complete 2 sub questions. Four marks gone. Bio was ok. And you know what, the teacher decided to put some of the recent past years questions inside. I happened to go through the past years a few nights before. Easy but I was kinda disappointed coz I was rather mechanical when doing the questions. The answers just popped up in my brain before I read the questions. No challenge at all. I would rather the teacher pick the questions from papers a few more years ahead...before the syllabus changed.

Later I will be going off to my ortho to remove my BRACES! Yay. After like 3 years of wearing that metal thingy in my mouth and having to change my elastics every night. I’m finally going to take it off! Can’t wait….

Chem unit 5 test tomorrow…gotta go study…Bye...

PS: oh yea....forgot to blog about this. I've decided to go to Leeds. Though I not sure whether I might change my decision in future. But 90% chance I'm going. So Steph, maybe you should start looking around for blender machine or some sort of mixing machine (dunno what you call that machine to make the one at home), preferably Kenwood brand, if you want me to make cakes/cookies when I'm in UK. Haha. Good investment right? Then I can make lots of things there...cheese cakes, chocs cookies, sweet buns, pies....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 annoyed with the librarian in the library now...

Just now I was online-ing when she suddenly sort of asked me , 'who put the chair here(beside me)?' I just mumbled, 'don't know' and she gave me some sort of irritated look. wah...she thinks I put the chair there and purposely left it there for her to put back ar? If me I surely put back one 'qi shi ren', as if she's accusing me of simply putting the chair around. So irritated already. Just now made a stupid mistake in maths test. sigh. Feeling pulling out all my hairs on my stupid mistake. 8 marks GONE. sigh. Then when I wanted to go online, all the computers were occupied, and one of the juniors wasn't really using the computer. Just chatting and surfing the web aimlessly. Grrr...waited for half-an-hour to go online.

Don't feel like going to college tomorrow. Bio not yet finished. Chem not yet started with Unit 5 revision.

die lo

Thursday, April 06, 2006

pleasant surprise

Yay…I’ve finally got chocs to eat! Yang Min came to me after bio class and told me to get the chocs from the canteen fridge. I thought Yang Min forgot to buy the chocs when he was in UK for the second time ( he was supposed to replace the steph’s chocs he melted when he came back)…but didn’t know, after like 1 month after he returned, he finally gave me the chocs! YAY. THANKS stephMUAKS…the chocs are nice, but don’t expect me to pay you back the chocs..hehe (to Steph, did you buy Thortons and Bendicks for us? The thortons is in a white box with 14 biji inside. The Bendicks is the minty chocs ).

Yesterday daddy came to KL. Went to stay with him overnight in Regent. We ate Japanese food last night, treated by some company. Quite good. Never before have I eaten until so full. Oh…my celaka monorail card is empty already. Seems like there’s only RM15/RM20 inside. Last night I went to send Esther off using monorail. We got in at Bukit Bintang monorail station, then Esther went off at Hang Tuah station. I then used the monorail back to Bukit Bintang. But very UNFORTUNATELY, when I slid the monorail card into the machine, it said, ‘ticket not accepted’. Then the person-in-charged told me it’s ‘kosong’ already. I was like ‘hah’, ‘how come?’ I thought I had to pay at that time and was really scared coz I had no money and no handphone( left in the hotel room) with me. Luckily the person just let me off…phew…

For the first time in my life, I wore a SKIRT to college (not counting the time I wore a skirt coz I had to attend a conference thingy). Lynda asked me why I wore a skirt wor…I don’t know also. Maybe the sudden ‘shuangness’ to wear…dunno, maybe just suddenly feel like changing my taste for a while…but Joyce said that I looked feminine in skirt *beaming* haha. Maybe I should wear skirt more often. Oh...if Lynda is reading this, I would to see you wearing a skirt one day..haha

Ok, gotta go already. I can’t believe that I actually have the guts to write this blog entry with Datin behind the library counter. Better go off before she order me to go off.

Monday, April 03, 2006

injured + sick + utterly exhausted

Nothing worse can ever happen to me than these three things occurring on my body at the same time.

1. I fell down when I was running when the treasure hunt just started. Sigh. Yen Bee and I were standing right in front of the crowd when the one of the treasure hunt people hit the gong. Then everyone started running. Yen Bee ran so fast man so I guess when I was trying to catch up with her, someone ‘knocked’ me I fell down. My knee bled was quite painful...but after a while I didn't really feel the pain anymore.

2. Down with flu. I think I must have caught the bug from someone…Woke up with a mild headache on Sunday morning and had runny nose. But the flu this time is not as bad as last time. At least my voice didn’t become croaky or rough…

3. I’m utterly exhausted. The event has completely drained me of all my strength. So tired man. After I came back from the Treasure hunt, I slept from 5 pm until 1.12am. Even after I woke up, I was still feeling very tired. But fortunately, after eating lots of junkies with lots of carbohydrate, I don’t feel that lethargic anymore. My thighs also hurt when I walk. Can feel the throbbing pain in my legs in every step I take. I think I overstrained my muscles this time.

Oh…I nearly forgot to mention who got the first prize for Treasure Hunt. It’s not me, of course. I think steph don’t know who too. But the second and third place went to Yee Jun+Rachel and Wee Sim + Jit Ern team. For the lucky draw, I consider myself lucky coz I managed to get a free admission pass to KL aquaria (*boo*)…sad. I was hoping to get dinner vouchers for two or something else…Anyway, there were many people joining this year (about 400+), and very few MCKL students got the prizes for lucky draw.
So, I would say I’m quite lucky. Oh yea, there’s not Domino’s gold card this year for the lucky draw. Too bad…