Thursday, April 27, 2006

The knitter

Went knitting last Friday with Esther and her friends.
and got myself addicted to cham...
I still have one more physics test on Monday but ended up knitting and knitting...
in the end, for physics unit 5, I only got 50+...*sob sob*...serves me right for not studying. Anyway, physics unit 6 wasn't that good either, Lobster hasn't finished marking yet.

Bio was quite Ok. I thought I could do well in bio unit 5 since the questions came out from past years. Unit 6 W2 paper was even worse. I failed! 15/32..which pulled my overall Bio mark down from 80+ to 75. Still an A for MC standard.

Chem so far so good. Didn't do well as I expected. My only worry is chem practical paper. It was horrible. Wonder how much I would get.

Today Yang Min asked me which uni I'm going. I said Leeds. Then he said why don't go Nottingham. Too expensive ma. But he said Nottingham is more reputed. Since UK has got that work permit thingy, it's better if I graduate in some uni for better job prospect. This makes me unsure again. SIGH. Nottingham is only better than Leeds in the double-degree thingy.

oh...I finished making myt scarf already. Fast ler...took me 5 days to finish (my fastest record ever) *beaming*. Pity I don't have camera to take photo of it. If not I can post it up here. To steph, the colour and patter is different from yours. Mine is brown and black. The next one I'm going to make will probably be handphone pouch. Not sure yet.

oh yea...nearly forgot to mention about uncle sin hung. He telephoned me when I was halfway knitting. Got quite a scare. He wanted to borrow my chem and bio notes from me to photostate. Seems like he's quite worried about his daughter (of course worried la...spend so much money on her to study), I think she just got her results and got 38 for chem. So uncle Sin Hung was rather anxious to borrow the stuff from me. Mum was that just one day of lending notes to someones else can affect my result. Come on la...just see what I'm doing at home! Knitting! Sometimes I have to admit that mum is rather selfish when it comes to helping people. We have to love people in order to be loved. I guess Uncle Sin Hung always 'insult' mum, so that's why mum sort of dislike helping him. ANyway, I'm glad there's no such things among my siblings *grinning*

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