Monday, April 03, 2006

injured + sick + utterly exhausted

Nothing worse can ever happen to me than these three things occurring on my body at the same time.

1. I fell down when I was running when the treasure hunt just started. Sigh. Yen Bee and I were standing right in front of the crowd when the one of the treasure hunt people hit the gong. Then everyone started running. Yen Bee ran so fast man so I guess when I was trying to catch up with her, someone ‘knocked’ me I fell down. My knee bled was quite painful...but after a while I didn't really feel the pain anymore.

2. Down with flu. I think I must have caught the bug from someone…Woke up with a mild headache on Sunday morning and had runny nose. But the flu this time is not as bad as last time. At least my voice didn’t become croaky or rough…

3. I’m utterly exhausted. The event has completely drained me of all my strength. So tired man. After I came back from the Treasure hunt, I slept from 5 pm until 1.12am. Even after I woke up, I was still feeling very tired. But fortunately, after eating lots of junkies with lots of carbohydrate, I don’t feel that lethargic anymore. My thighs also hurt when I walk. Can feel the throbbing pain in my legs in every step I take. I think I overstrained my muscles this time.

Oh…I nearly forgot to mention who got the first prize for Treasure Hunt. It’s not me, of course. I think steph don’t know who too. But the second and third place went to Yee Jun+Rachel and Wee Sim + Jit Ern team. For the lucky draw, I consider myself lucky coz I managed to get a free admission pass to KL aquaria (*boo*)…sad. I was hoping to get dinner vouchers for two or something else…Anyway, there were many people joining this year (about 400+), and very few MCKL students got the prizes for lucky draw.
So, I would say I’m quite lucky. Oh yea, there’s not Domino’s gold card this year for the lucky draw. Too bad…

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