Thursday, October 30, 2008

freezing little toes

why is it that when I wear 2 layers thick of socks (with shoes), my toes are even colder than when I wear only 1 layer thick.

so weird.

my poor little toes need to be protected from the cold but how?

hmm...the middle toe was blanched for abt 20min + I had numbness & tingling pain. toe became lobster red after that. Raynaud's phenomenon? any takes?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this is ridiculous!

This was my workplace for the past 3 months...

and also will be for the next few months to come.... :(

so freaking cold I tell you. Standing outside working for 2.5 hours at 2 degree celcius is enough to make an ice statue of me. I have worn a few layers thick but still I feel so cold! I wana complain!!! Why is it that the machine gets to be inside the building (and have a fan to blow when it overheats) when we humans have to work outside the cold until our face and fingers and toes are so numb and stinging with pain! Why isn't the company building the tent they promised us when winter comes to keep us warm! how can the company expect us to work efficiently when we are feeling so cold! How can the manager expect us to work without break until all the work is done! This is so ridiculous! I protest!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Steph made that cake and it was good!

Sharkie is in the photo! the shadow is visible in the right hand corner of the photo.

离开家这么久,我发现人都是很现实的. 自己也慢慢也变的很现实. 也会backstab and badmouth人家了. 可是我最讨厌的还是那些身为leader (不管在教堂,学会或工作)的人, 喜欢在手下面前讲某某人的坏话. 更惨的是, 身为一个leader,you are supposed to be confidential and be a good example to your people, 可是如果一个leader 做不到, 他/她的手下会很难信任他的. 咳.

to me, if that person doesn't have such characteristics, you dun deserve my respect and I do not see you as my leader.

sth wrong with my camera :(

did you see that inside the camera lens? Can anyone tell me what can I do with it?

Presenting complaint:
Black shadow noticed when I looked through the viewfinder of the camera at around 9pm at the right lumbar region (using abdomen anatomical terms). On extension of the lens to 200mm, the shadow disappeared. The camera is found to have problems focusing a few hours before when I was taking close-up pictures of an object. Pictures can still be taken but 60% of them turned out to be blur. I thought it was my own poor photo-taking technique that I dismissed the thought that the camera could be faulty. On physical examination of the camera, I found an unknown object (as shown in the pic above and it's not insect! i'm pretty sure!) which was mobile and disappeared whenever I extend the lens. However, the object seemed to be more persistent now and stays at where it is even when I extend the lens to the maximum. The camera is now completely unable to focus and not a single picture can be taken. Some form of progressive disease is indicated.

possible causes:
trauma, old age (it's more than a year old), malignancy

take a past medical history of the camera to identify previous break-down or knocks which might have predisposed the lens to the sudden mishap.

A referral to a Nikon specialist is needed to further investigate the problem. If found to be of terminal illness, palliative care and support may be offered to the camera and its owner. In the meantime, a replacement lens from the Nikon D70 may be used temporarily until the problem is solved or until the owner gets a new one.

Disclaimer: this haphazardly written case presentation of the camera does not reflect the real medical report done by health professionals.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have been worrying too much until I'm just too stressed and I can't relax. Every minute to me is gold. I agonized over every minute which was lost and forgot to appreciate the things happening in the present time.

I have got 4 critical analysis, 4 precis (left), 1 reflective commentary, 4 more group presentations, 1 grand SSC presentation, 1 3000 words ethics SSC and a spot test all ending on the 3rd of dec (except that SSC grand presentation which is on the 11th Dec i think). on top of that, I have got my 20 hours part-time work which take up 4/5 of my week days evening and Saturdays and a full-blown hectic uni timetable.

I hope people would understand how stressed I am. Very sorry if I have snapped at you. Future apologies to those I'm yet to snap at too. -.-"

Friday, October 24, 2008

my new addiction

I have an addiction. Hahaha.

Ever since the electronic weighing machine came into the house, I have been using it every now and then to weigh myself.

Even before and after I go to the toilet.


I like to know how many grams of urine I have just passed out and when I realised how much I've lost, my heart would squeal in delight because I'm less heavier! Hahaha. I know I am cheating myself coz it's the fat which I need to lose and not the water! I dunno why am I telling you this. Now everyone is going to look at me with that stare which implies, 'Janice is crazy'.

PS: the weather is getting cold now! brrrrr...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

keeping my fingers crossed

Pray that I get that weekend shift. I want my normal weekdays when I can finally socialise with people and join university activities! I dun wanna end up doing nothing but work during my university years! I wanna to be able to concentrate on my studies during the weekdays and not too be exhausted and sleep deprived by the end of the week!

please please pleaseeeeeee gimme that weekend shift!

PS: 2 people managed to get their shift changed to weekend shift. Argh. I wrote to the manager earlier than them but I did it on the wrong time when the shifts were being reviewed. I initially wanted to follow the manager's advice to write back in mid-Nov when everything has been sorted out (but actually it's already been sorted out 2 weeks ago) but seeing that 2 people have got their shift changed, I'd better do something quick before it's too late!

update! I have got the reply from the manager and she said those two got the weekend duty because they were down to a flexibility working application that was submitted and not a change of hours due to a university schedule. Sigh. Seems like I'm stuck with this duty for the time being until Dec. I must persevere!!

my new year 3 mates

The middle three are the new students who entered third year directly from IMU. Arthika is from Sri Lanka, Thazin from S'pore and Yau from M'sia. Great to have new people coming in to add into our small international students community in the year 3 medical students batch.

Monday, October 06, 2008

dinner with sub-dean

It can be good having mondays off as it means I can attend events which normally takes place on weekdays evening.

Today I attended a dinner organized by the international students sub dean in leeds university. All the medics in my house (5 of us) attended the dinner and we went there and back by taxi (reimbursed by the university)!

The meal was so-so. Buffet style. I'm not a real fan of Indian food. But since we paid so much for our tuition fees, we must make use of whatever free meals/services they provide us right?

From left, me, Yau, Steph, the professor, Esther, Man Hon (my s'porean batchmate) and Cindy

my new housemate

It's been a few weeks since my new housemate came. But anyway, here's a little informal introduction of him so that in the future when you see photos of him you will recognise him as my housemate. He's a direct entry student to year 3 from IMU. So he's also my batchmate.

First time I saw him, I was like, 'whoa, this guy is soooo tall'

so tall that whenever I talk to him, I have to cock my head to look at him like this:

his name is Yau CC. or CC Yau if you wana do it English style.

HAHAHAHAH. No lah. where got so 夸张 (it's an exaggeration)

This is the real height but I still look short!

PS: the new girl who transferred from IMU is also very tall! 1.72m!! Now I look like a dwarf among them already.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This was me before I was back in uni:

This is me after 1.5 weeks in uni:
I'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

I can't believe i've just put up this pic. >.<

Sorry for the lack of update people. Uni is and going to be even more hectic now that my SSC tutor has finally replied me giving me a few tasks to do before I see him on Wed next week. 好忙啊! (so busy!)