Sunday, October 19, 2008

keeping my fingers crossed

Pray that I get that weekend shift. I want my normal weekdays when I can finally socialise with people and join university activities! I dun wanna end up doing nothing but work during my university years! I wanna to be able to concentrate on my studies during the weekdays and not too be exhausted and sleep deprived by the end of the week!

please please pleaseeeeeee gimme that weekend shift!

PS: 2 people managed to get their shift changed to weekend shift. Argh. I wrote to the manager earlier than them but I did it on the wrong time when the shifts were being reviewed. I initially wanted to follow the manager's advice to write back in mid-Nov when everything has been sorted out (but actually it's already been sorted out 2 weeks ago) but seeing that 2 people have got their shift changed, I'd better do something quick before it's too late!

update! I have got the reply from the manager and she said those two got the weekend duty because they were down to a flexibility working application that was submitted and not a change of hours due to a university schedule. Sigh. Seems like I'm stuck with this duty for the time being until Dec. I must persevere!!

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