Monday, October 27, 2008

sth wrong with my camera :(

did you see that inside the camera lens? Can anyone tell me what can I do with it?

Presenting complaint:
Black shadow noticed when I looked through the viewfinder of the camera at around 9pm at the right lumbar region (using abdomen anatomical terms). On extension of the lens to 200mm, the shadow disappeared. The camera is found to have problems focusing a few hours before when I was taking close-up pictures of an object. Pictures can still be taken but 60% of them turned out to be blur. I thought it was my own poor photo-taking technique that I dismissed the thought that the camera could be faulty. On physical examination of the camera, I found an unknown object (as shown in the pic above and it's not insect! i'm pretty sure!) which was mobile and disappeared whenever I extend the lens. However, the object seemed to be more persistent now and stays at where it is even when I extend the lens to the maximum. The camera is now completely unable to focus and not a single picture can be taken. Some form of progressive disease is indicated.

possible causes:
trauma, old age (it's more than a year old), malignancy

take a past medical history of the camera to identify previous break-down or knocks which might have predisposed the lens to the sudden mishap.

A referral to a Nikon specialist is needed to further investigate the problem. If found to be of terminal illness, palliative care and support may be offered to the camera and its owner. In the meantime, a replacement lens from the Nikon D70 may be used temporarily until the problem is solved or until the owner gets a new one.

Disclaimer: this haphazardly written case presentation of the camera does not reflect the real medical report done by health professionals.


William said...

wah... this is good report! I think you now need to go to the management part immediately. As a temporary fix, perhaps a temporary organ transplant is a good idea. So use the one from D70 and fix it on your camera and send the sick one for immediate operation.

ngyangmin said...

have u learnt how to take history and do a full examination d?

Janice said...

yup. we started in January this year. Once every week we go to hospital to learn history and examination. january 2009, i will start hvg blocks like u