Monday, October 27, 2008

离开家这么久,我发现人都是很现实的. 自己也慢慢也变的很现实. 也会backstab and badmouth人家了. 可是我最讨厌的还是那些身为leader (不管在教堂,学会或工作)的人, 喜欢在手下面前讲某某人的坏话. 更惨的是, 身为一个leader,you are supposed to be confidential and be a good example to your people, 可是如果一个leader 做不到, 他/她的手下会很难信任他的. 咳.

to me, if that person doesn't have such characteristics, you dun deserve my respect and I do not see you as my leader.


ghost said...

agree agree...举手举脚认同

mousie said...

那个 leader 是谁啊? blehhhhhhhhhhh

William said...

As leader, one should always keep everything in confidence, especially those issues which are shared in group. So, if you have leader who cannot be confidence, then you must tell him/her. Otherwise, no one would trust him/her anymore. The group will die a natural death.