Monday, September 19, 2005

Graduation Night

MCKL's graduation night fell on the 17th of september. I've been waiting for this day for weeks because i heard from my sis that those who have received 3A's and above in AS would receive a certificate of merit. I was sure tthe college would give certs of merit to those high achievers in AS but i was doubtful with myself. When i received the invitation letter from the college to the parents ( not everyone go it), it sort of gave me some assurance that i would get the cert. But, just the day before graduation night, i went to the rehearsal and was shocked to realise that my name was not mentioned at all. Little did i know that it was a crazy blunder i made - there were actually two teachers in charge of announcing the recipients of the certs and prizes. the other teacher didn't attend the rehearsal so my name wasn't mentioned at all. But, by then, i was thoroughly disappointed and kept thinking, 'it's impossible!' it's been the tradition of MCKL to give certs to high achievers in AS. My mind was confused and i didn't want to think about it. So, i told esther about it and agreed that she shouldn't go since i wasn't getting anything. Although i outwardly denied that i won't be getting anything, deep down in my heart, i was hoping i would get it.

so on graduation night, i was one of the ushers. Being an usher was kinda difficult. I find it hard to say 'good evening' to people and lead them to their seats. Most of them wanted to find their own seats anyway. The hall was sweltingly hot. everyone was sweating and fanning themselves. my clothes was totally drenched with sweat. The programme started about 20 min past 8 when the VIPs finally arrived.

when the time came for the giving of certs to the AS high achievers, my heart was thumping really greatly, my hands were cold and i was fidgeting on my chair. i couldn't pay attention to what the announcer was talking. When i heard my name being called, there was a thunder of applause and cheers (mostly from Yen bee, i guess) from behind. I was quite touched by the support my friends gave me. Thank you all! I was beaming with pride as i made my way to the stage, everybody was looking at me...the feeling was totally different from the countless experience of getting awards on stage in Chung Hua. I was on the clouds.

Many ex-students didn't attend the graduation night. Perhaps they have gone off to their respective countries to further their studies. The whole batch of Austrailian matriculation students didn't attend the ceremony to received their graduation cert. and worse still, their names were the first to call on stage. So imagine when the names are called, the YB on the stage had to stage waiting for some people to walk up. Fortunately the MC was quick to react, ' i guess all the AUSMAT students have gone to Australia to study', she said. The whole hall erupted in laughter. Pretty clever of her.

The night ended quite well...the dancers were superb, dazzling the audience with their shiny ornaments on wrapped around their waist. the play or rather satire was rather boring but the actors were good. The refreshment was ok, not up to hotel standard of course. I returned home my LRT and reached home at about 11.40pm. The latest time i've gone home.