Thursday, March 30, 2006

Leeds or Nottingham?

Last night (no, this morning) at 4.42am, I received a texted message from my dad. It said, ' Leeds conditional offer AAB. A for chemistry.' Maybe for other people, they would be jumping about with joy and be really excited...but for me...hmm..I guess I was feeling rather indifferent (did I use the correct vocab) about it. Getting Leeds offer is like 99% probability after I visited them. So, I kinda expected it. But I wonder what took them so long to give me the offer.

So, now, I'm down to two choices. Leeds or Nottingham. Grrr...thinking about it gives me headache. I was thinking about it in the train, during chem and bio classes...until I didn't pay attention to what the lecturers were talking. SIGH. Getting more than one offer is so 'mafan'. How I wish I'm only left with one offer and I don't have to make decisions. Decisions, decisions, decisions...why do we have to make decisions...

I think Steph will be very happy if I put Leeds as my firm choice. Dunno. NOttingham's double-degree is too attractive already. Have to pray hard and ask God for wisdom in choosing which uni I go.

But, I think deep down in my heart, I want to go Leeds (don't be too happy yet Steph *putting out tongue). Why? Of course coz Steph is there and I can use her notes and probably get honours...haha...good also. Also can work with steph at the same place, go shopping with her, buy clothing with her, cook for her (depending on my mood) shuang..

Anyway, I've got 2 least I know that I'm UK bound and that I don't end up in IMU... *phew* ;)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Had my maths was quite easy except for the third question. I FORGOT TO INTEGRATE the damn x=tant. No wonder I was thinking why couldn't I find the answer. For 20 min I was redoing and redoing the same question but still couldn't find the answer. 5 marks gone...

Just a little update of what I did last weekend,
Borrowed Yen Bee's violin. Played quite horribly. Poor Esther had to endure me playing the violin for 3 days. HAHA. Who ask her to bully her everytime, now is my payback time *evil laughter*. Playing violin isn't as easy as I thought. Bowing is very difficult as I'd to make sure my bow is straight all the time and also I don't play the 2 strings at the same time. Anyway, i managed to play a few pop songs (rather easy ones), 'tian hei hei' (Sun Yan Zhi) and 'tong hua' (Guang Liang). I tranpose the 'tong hua' to G major to make me easier for me to play. I tried playing 'Lydia' (FIR) but it was quite hard as I've to be really familiar with the notes and play it quick. Pity I have to return the violin coz Joseph wanna borrow to practise too.

Went shopping. Esther managed to buy the 'Public Speaking' book by Dale Carnegie (thanks to my vigilant eyes for spotting the book). We still haven't bought a present for Timothy's birthday.

Went swimming. Esther and I just found out that if we go swimming in the afternoon, we could concentrate studying at night. So now, I'm trying to make the effort to go home early and swim.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I asked God to take away my habit.
God said, No.
It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.
God said, No.
His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary.

I asked God to grant me patience.
God said, No.
Patience is a by-product of tribulations; it isn't
granted, it is learned.

I asked God to give me happiness.
God said, No.
I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you.

I asked God to spare me pain.
God said, No.
Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and
brings you closer to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow.
God said, No.
You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to
make you fruitful.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life.
God said, No.
I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all

I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as
He loves me.
God said...Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

"To the world you might be one person, but to
one person you just might be the world"

"May the Lord Bless you and keep you,
May the Lord Make his face shine upon you, and
give you Peace.....Forever"

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stressed + tired


YUP. Exams are coming up and I don't find myself studying.

Last night I slept at 8pm and woke up at 10.30pm. Did maths until midnight, played a 'mini' pingpong game with Esther and sort up my textbooks for sale. Finally, when I opened my book to study bio it was already 2am. But I couldn't concentrate on what I was reading. SIGH. So, by the time i slept,it was 3am. 3.5hours of sleep. I can foresee that happening to me tonight - go back home, shower, sleep, cook, talk...and sleep at 3am...

HELP! I can't go on like this anymore

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nothing to blog about

I think I'd better not blog as often as I do last time. Now, I've got lots of work to do and so much things to revise. Next month 17th is my trials exam and in another 2 months, is my final exam. WHOA...and I haven't even touched a single topic in chem and bio! Die. I find going online during break time better than going after classes. Coz, during break time, I've a limited time of 30 minutes to go online. But, after classes, I've a 2 hours to go online. And even if I've nothing to do online, I always ended up surfing the net aimlessly until the library closes.

SO, no more blogging for now. STUDY!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Went to Low Yat to meet Nai HUi today. Nai Hui initially said that he wanted to meet and then 'yam cha' with him. But instead, I ended up shopping for camera with him. So, for 2 hours, we were roaming around Low Yat, going to every camera shop we saw and asking questions. I would say that boys are very independent. They dare to ask questions, not like me *sob sob*....The trip to Low Yat wasn't a waste,I learned quite a lot of things, such as what's ISO, anti-shake, Leica Lens... I also got to meet Nai Hui's roommate (he sent me a rather 'naughty' msg using NH's hp) for the first time, though it was just a 10-second meet. He just suddenly appeared out from nowhere, handshake with me and then told NH that he wanted to go. Didn't get to talk to him. Too bad. Finally, Nai Hui decided to buy a Panasonic Fx-9 digi cam which cost RM1399 in a shop. We were on the way to get money from the ATM when we passed by another camera shop. Since there was no harm asking for the price, NH went into the shop and he found out that the camera only cost RM1350! wow...RM50 cheaper. He actually asked from RM1500 in other shops to RM1350 in that shop. That's RM150 difference! *whistle*

Seems like it's always good to ask

Results out! SIGH


Results finally out.

Didn't do that well. I guess I played too much last semester.

Better study hard from now on. 'Bia' on bio or else cannot get into Nottingham.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SPM results out!

SPM results finally out.

Chung Hua has got 51 straight A's student. 10 people got straight A1's. The number of students having straight A's has increased from 44 to 51. I heard from my friend that Chung Hua's principal, Mr Lee, was very happy about it. *digusted face*. I guess he was very proud of his 'achievement' after taking over the post of pricipal for only 7 months. He purposely stated in newspaper ....this year got 51 straight A(Last year 44 only). Sort of insulting our batch only. I think the SPM standard has dropped a lot for the past few years. So many people seems to be getting straight A's. Even students from the E class could get straight A's. Unbelievable? Believe it. I won't be surprised if Ah JOhn gets straight A's in SPM with just playing O2 jam...( insult to ah john's abilities).It's either the students studied extra harder b4 SPM or the standard has dropped. I prefer the latter.

Oh well, I guess there are a few really bright and hardworking students who actually studied hard for SPM. Congrats to them for their efforts have finally paid off. Whereas those who didn't study yet 'fortunately' got straight A's. Pre-U and university life is even tougher.

At the end of the day,

only hard work counts.

holiday starts tomorrow!

YAY. The college holiday starts tomorrow. From the 15th to the 19th! Only 5 days but well, it's better than nothing.

Yesterday went for dental appointment. And you know what, the doctor told me that I can finally take off my braces! YAY. FINALLY. After like 3 years having to go through monthly torture of teeth tightening, the braces will finally be out! But, my parents have to pay RM500 for the retainer *whistle* , that's a lot of money.

Since the holiday starts tomorrow, I will not be going online and obviously won't be blogging. But please do visit my blog often (esp to Steph) so that I can reach 100 visitors this week..hehe...

Signing off,
Happy holidays to me!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Battle with the riceworms

Yep. Our rice was infected with riceworms. They apparently 'migrated' from the neighbouring ricebag into ours.

I didn't know our rice bag had so much riceworms until I put them out for some 'sun tanning'. As the heat was unbearable, most of the riceworms 'climbed' out from the rice bag. It was really 'geli' feeling seeing those worms 'climbing' out. I took the rice cup and scooped out a cup of rice and put them under the sun. You could see masses of black, moving things moving about on the cup. just seeing them will give you goosebumps. Our housemate's rice was even worse. It was so badly infested with worms that with every tablespoon of rice you take, there are at least 10 worms in it. So for about 1 hour, I was at the balcony, also basking in the sun, trying to scoop out the worms. I managed to pick out a 'cocoon' which had a huge larvae in it. Then as I was stirring the rice, another huge larvae came worming its way through the rice. So scary man...I can't imagine eating that larvae if I accidentally cook it. The larvae is like a grown-up fly larvae, in fact, it's actually bigger than that. So terrible. very disgusting. YUCK


Went shopping with Esther last Friday. It was one of the rare occasion when Esther actually followed me out for shopping. If it's not because I wanted to treat her for Nando's(for getting an offer from Notts) and make a refund for the vege grater, I bet she wouldn't leave that condo to go out with me.

Anyway, we actually wanted to go out at 4pm after she came back from uni, but ended up going out at 6.30pm. Reason? I overslept...haha *blushed*. I set my alarm clock at 4pm but didn't 'manage' to get up. LOL.

At first our plan was to take a visit to the service counter to change our vege grater then have our dinner at Nando's. But, Esther was sort of 'attracted' to the clothes on sale at Jusco. So for 2 hours, Esther was looking for clothes and trying on them. When we finally went to change the vege grater and sat down at Nando's, it was 9pm.

So we ordered our food. Both of us ordered the same thing. 1 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines. The food was quite tasty except that i think they put too much msg in it. Coz later at night, I was extremely thirsty. Anyway, we wanted to buy vege first but decided to buy vege later as we wanted to look at clothes..mana tahu, we got so engrossed in clothes. We saw one flat price corner which sold Googles clothes and was really worth buying the clothes. There was one knee-length knee skirt which only cost RM10 (that's about 1.5 pounds steph, don't try to convert) and another Jeans skirt which was ankle length(do you call it ankle-length?) long. It was really a best buy as the quality was really good and there's no where else you can get that kind of price. We wanted to buy 2 'ankle-length' skirt, one for Esther and one for Steph, but then we realise that the other skirt had no button. So in the end we bought one long skirt only. I bet Steph would like the skirt it was really really really very nice...pity man

Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, I know this kinda late. It's mid-March and CNY has passed 2 months ago(?). But seems like I didn't blog about how i spent my CNY, i guess i better write something about it before i forget.

I joined the lion and dragon dance this year. Boy, it was the best CNY experience i ever had. For the past 18 years, i've spent my CNY either sleeping or watching tv at home. Well, this year, I decided there should be something different. And since Esther joined the lion troupe, so I was thinking, 'why not, it's better than doing nothing at home (also can earn money too)'.

Lion Dance
I can't really remember the details of the CNY celebration (thanks to my failing memory, have been cramming my brain with colours of transition metals..haha). On the first day,we went to many houses, b'coz I didn't went for all the practices, I was pretty like a silly person there. Coach assigned me to become the 'secretary' and also the 'promoter' of the troupe. Shucks, as I'm a shy person,I followed a MCA guy quietly to many homes asking whether they want to have a lion performance in their house.

The second time we went out for lion dance, I had learned to hit the cymbals (but still not good at it yet). Fortunately there were a few cymbals 'expert' in our troupe. I followed what they hit and eventually, i got pretty familiar with the rhythm. Siaw ( one of the lion dance members) was really good at hitting the cymbals, i guess I learned hitting cymbals by just following hit only..haha

I can't really remember whether we went out for lion dance the next few days on CNY. But, there was one day which there was only 1 house which invited us to do lion dance performance. 'Business' was really bad.

Dragon Dance
We did dragon dance twice only and it was really fun. For both performances, we last-minute practice. The first time we went to a Datuk's house for dragon dance. The road was pretty narrow so our dance was a bit cacat. But for the second performance, it was awesome eventhough there was a minor mistake during our performance. We went all the way to Bahau (seremban) which took us 2.5 (?) hours to reach there. It was really great. Everyone in the team was united and I really enjoyed every moment in Bahau. Too bad, there will be no more dragon dance and seems like this will be my first and last time joining a lion/dragon dance team.

Sadly, all the lion/dragon dance thingy is over. Although I'm the quietest one in the group. Surprisingly I don't feel oddly awkward. Really surprising. Most of the time in unknown places with unknown people, I would feel really shy and dunno, awkward. But this time, hmm...i feel quite comfortable in that group. I guess most of my team members are quite quiet. Haha. The IMU students are really kind people, Wen Cheh (if I got the spelling correct) is quite friendly and Siaw is helpful in teaching me those lion dance steps (even though I didn't manage to perform lion dance even once). There was one deaf-boy in my group who we call him by Ah-Wong. Although he's deaf, he's in fact clever. Very self-motivated to learn new things to improve himself. The others, Darin, Cua, the coach (Mr Steven Kong), Raja, the lorry driver...all of them...I dunno whether I wil ever get to see them again.

But, it's a pity that all of them are not christians. I pray that one of these days, i will see them converted to Christians, to become a servant of God. They will not worship other gods other than You Lord...may their eyes be opened Lord to see that You indeed are the one and only God. I pray for that to happen Lord. Amen

Since Steph seems to be updating her blog everyday, I also don't want to lose to her, so I'd better update my blog too. Oh...forgot to add, if i don't update my blog, steph will surely laugh at bad hoh?

Hmmm..yesterday and today nothing really happen...oh, there IS something.

Yesterday evening I was taking my afternoon nap as usual. I set the alarm clock at 5.30pm. So, at 4.50pm I fell asleep and felt as if I've slept for a long long time. So when my alarm clock rang, I think I was rather blur at that time ( in fact very very blur), first thing I saw was the sky was very bright and Esther sitting at her table studying. I immediately shot up from bed (coz I tot that it was morning and I was late from school). Then I looked at my alarm clock, 'eh, it's 5.30pm...', I thought my alarm clock was wrong, 'by right it should be 5.30am',LOL..I really crazy already. Then I asked Esther what time is it, 'then she said, '5.30pm'. Then I was thinking, 'eh, impossible, how come both my clock and Esther say 5.30pm, don't tell me I'm wrong.' HAHA...gila sudah lah me...haha...Then it dawned on me that it's only 5.30pm in the's not even morning yet. I bet Esther must be laughing like mad there when she saw me suddenly wake up and go back to embarrassing.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

nothing to blog about

yea..there's nothing to blog about and I'm feeling really bored. Just now went to bio lab, then heard Wee Sim said that Leeds had rejected him. But when I checked UCAS track just now, there wasn't any news from Leeds. Is that good news or bad news?

Read cowie's blog. *to cowie* seems like you really want me to go to Leeds hoh. sigh...I don't know whether should go Leeds or Nottingham. Leeds seem to be great fun. With you there and we can work as CLEANERS together..haha...but rejecting Nottingham seems to be so silly...everybody will be like...'why you reject Nottingham?' bla bla bla. Don't want to think about it for now, wait till I really get an offer from Leeds then I'll think about it again.

Just now went to check for the term 'bronchial carcinoma'. It means lung cancer also right? But it seems like it's highly prevalent in smokers and not in non-smokers. So dunno, I hope daddy's cough is just a minor cough due to asthma and not to bronchial carcinoma. Mousie told me that she had a case study. A man had persistent dry cough for more than 2 months and was found that he had bronchial carcinoma. Damn...that's really scary. I can't remember how long daddy's cough is. And daddy said there's wheezing sound when he breathes coz of asthma (according to mousie). Well, for lung cancer, the wheezing sound is due to the tumour which causes the airway to's damn scary, really scary. CHOI *touchwood*...don't want anything to happen to daddy. Cowie must be saying that I think too much... I haven't asked daddy yet coz dunno how to ask him.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

see your score

haha...I find this very interesting in one of the Recom members' blog . See how much your score is..haha

The following scale has been developed in close cooperation with the UVA psychiatry services (Well at least I was thinking
of some of their characteristics and used some of their class
time to compose it). It is designed to test if you have spent too much time in medical school and whether you are having adverse side effects due to prolonged exposure. Score one point for each statement that applies to you.

1 You have ever said "Netter is god".
2 You can discuss autopsy/ anatomy over a meal
3 You own a 4 color pen
4 -it just isn't enough colors for you
5 You use more than one color to take notes
6 You have use up more than 6 highlighters in the past 6 months
7 you have ever highlighted something YOU wrote
8 you retype handouts given in class
9 you haven't had a date in 3 months
10 you haven't had a date since entering med school
11 you have not been able to remember the normal term for something because you were thinking of the medical term (ie reflux for heartburn)
12 You get more sleep in lecture than at home
13 You know the correct spelling for pruritus
14 - you also know what it means
15 You have ever asked a question in class
16 - The prof. didn't understand the question
17 - you didn't believe the answer the prof. gave
18 - you went to look it up to see if they were right
19 You can't hold a conversation on anything other than med school
20 You skip class to study
21 You've said you didn't do well on a test on which you beat the mean
22 You spend more than 15 hrs a week on e-mail
23 You have a callous on you finger from writing
24 More than one professor knows you by name
25 When you ask a question, a new professor has said "Oh, I've heard of you"
26 You can name more amino acids than past prime ministers
27 You use more than 5 acronyms an hour when talking
28 you actually know what PERRLA stands for
29 You know all the steps of the TCA cycle
30 You do not read PTA as parent teachers association
31 You can remember the muscles in the forearm
32 You know the strucures in the urea cycle
33 You know the dermatome distribution
34 You can't remember what you had for breakfast
35 You can't spell world, much less backwards
36 You've ever been sexually aroused by the breast shadow on an X ray
37 You equate "morning stiffness" with Rhematoid Artheritis
38 You actually know normal values for plasma Na
39 -K
40 Missing class causes you extreme stress
41 You have seriously asked someone "So how does that make you feel?"
42 You have asked will this be on the exam
43 -Just after the prof. said it wouldn't
44 You identify with Deb on E.R.
45 You have made a medical joke
46 -no one laughed
47 -You figure they just weren't that far in their studying
48 You wear your stethescope around your neck on the bus
49 - you don't even know which way the thing goes in your ears
50 "SOB" means short of breath to you
51 You have gone to student health with suspicion of a disease you have studied
52 -within 3 days of the lecture
53 You have answered a question in class
54 -asked by the professor
55 -it was a rhetorical question
56 You can quote lines from the movie "Malice"
57 -you believe them
58 You can flip your pen over your thumb
59 - with both hands
60 - you do so throughout class
61 You have corrected a professor in class
62 -the rest of the class didn't understand the lecture to begin with
63 You know how to claculate specificity
64 -positive predictive value
65 - anion gap
66 -you can't balance your checkbook
67 You don't know what the weather was like for the past week
68 You don't know what the weather is like right now
69 You actually talk in open ended questions
70 DIC isn't a slang term for the penis in your book
71 You think B- is a bad grade
72 you have stressed about a pass/fail class
73 You study during most of your meals
74 You saw nothing abnormal about the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
75 You draw all of the slides not already provided in the handouts
76 -including the cartoons (humourous type)
77 Anatomy makes you hungry
78 You would even consider saying "Ease back on my finger at your own pace"
79 You know the size of a RBC
80 - you don't know the size of a football field
81 Your eyesight has worsened by 10 pts or more in the last year
82 You have the library hours memorized
83 Hou have your own seat in the library
84 You score more than 95 on the Epidemiology final
85 You own more than one white coat
86 You have debated between giving up sleep or eating in order to find more time to study
87 You started studying forboards more than 2 months in advance
88 You have never received a personal invitation to discuss your grades with the dean
89 A tie is the only addition necessary to what you normally wear when you go to see patients
90 You wear scrubs to tests
91 You have made plans to study on a beach during vacation
92 - you actually did
93 You have a designated seat in lecture
94 - You have ever asked someone to move from "your seat"
95 You sleep less than 4 hrs a night
96 -you think that is plenty
97 -you have thought about cutting back
98 You study more than 35 hrs outsid of class
99 -you think you are a slackard
100 You think everyone answers yes to most of these questions

<20 - You're not in MedSchool. Go back to your party and leave us alone. We have work to do.

20-35 Either Med school is a breeze or you like the sound of "Senor doctor"

35-45 Gotta love that Primary Care

45-60 Well, I never really thought about MD/Phd, but now that you mention it...

60-75 Your social life is shot, might as well try to earn lots of money

75-90 Which surgery subspecialty did you say you liked?

90 All hail, great Med School Nerd master.

I got 59

Yep...your eyes aren't playing tricks. (and steph, don't try to laugh at me...)

I ACTUALLY got 59.

Kinda expected it since I didn't study so well.
First time in my life I got 50+ for chem. ANyway, during college life, I've broken all my past records. First time getting 30+ for maths, 50+ for physics...haha..all because I didn't study.

Have to start studying hard from now, the major exam is just around 3 months away *yikes*...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

jet lag??

These days I kept sleeping at 3 something am.

Don't know why. Yesterday I wanted to sleep at 12.30am. But unfortunately Esther woke up from her sleep and started talking to me. So, I guess the more I talked, the more 'energise' I got. Then Esther suggested 'dissecting' the chicken to cook chicken soup. So off we go, in the middle of the night, with Esther cutting the chicken and me preparing the ingredients and water. But then, as I was reading the instructions on the back of the ingredients pack, I realised there was a instruction written in tiny letters telling us to store the pack in 'the lower compartment of the fridge'. Oh no...I suddenly had a bad feeling. Because the ingredients pack consist of herbs, some rather cheap ginseng roots and red dates, mould will grow if not stored in the fridge. And as I expected, mould indeed had started growing on the herbs. Sigh, in the end we had to throw away all the herbs in the pack, leaving behind the so-called 'secret recipe' bag. What a waste...sigh

Monday, March 06, 2006

sigh..just had my Chem test today

It was DAMN hard.

I was tested on transition metals and most of the questions require me to write the equations and the colours of the ions.

I kinda got mixed up with all the other transition metal ions, so, you know, I guess I got the whole thing wrong. Suddenly I dunno how to draw the electronic configuration for the transition metal ions!

SIGH...this is the consequence of absenting myself for the whole 2 week when Datin Aru was teaching the transition metal chapter. I missed the whole chapter... O.o

Looks like that I've got to work extra hard to catch up all the lessons I missed. Goodbye to my 3-days holiday next week...*sob sob*

Thursday, March 02, 2006


sien in mood to blog..I wonder how Steph can maintain her daily basis (is it daily basis?)in blogging for such a long time, a salute to you Steph! haha...After missing classes for like 2 weeks (11 lessons actually) I am terribly left behind. Sigh...damn lot of maths notes to copy man...if I'm not mistaken, there's 40+ pages to copy...chem notes also a lot..and I have chem test on the lessons i missed next week! *stressed* I also have to go out shopping one of these days as there's nothing at home to eat anymore. Not a single vege or fruit left in the fridge. Every night I go to bed hungry.

Yesterday, one dumb ass provoked Ms Lim in class. He is always late for class and yesterday was as usual, late for 20 minutes. Ms Lim, apparently not in a good mood was unhappy about it. She told him to leave the class as she didn't want him there. The dumb ass was bold enough to ask her 'why' and said that he shouldn't be told to leave. He said that he had a reason for being late and said that he had misplaced his book or sth (bullshitting, in my opinion). Then he said one stupid remark that left Ms Lim so angry for the rest of the period. He told her that, 'I paid for the class so by right I shouldn't be told to leave the class.'sigh...I think he never think before he talks. So Ms Lim was so angry and again told him to leave. So he said, 'ok then, I go and get a letter from Datin.' So he came back with a letter from Datin and obviously, Ms Lim wasn't happy about it. She kept saying, 'ok, since you said you pay me to teach, then you should pay me more coz I'm doing more that what I should be doing!' she was fuming and in the end she said,'if that's the case, I must don't teach and just sit down there and watch you all.' so she really sat on the teacher's chair and did her work. That's was 10.30am. So for the next half-an-hour, she sat there. And when the time came, she left the class. There were a few people who saw her crying...I don't know about that, but I think it's true. Lynda said she saw Ms Lim's eyes turning red. As we had two periods of maths that day, Ms Lim didn't give us the test as she said. I guess she was just too angry to give us any test. 'I'm just in time to come back to watch the drama', Rasvin said..haha...very funny...