Monday, March 13, 2006

Battle with the riceworms

Yep. Our rice was infected with riceworms. They apparently 'migrated' from the neighbouring ricebag into ours.

I didn't know our rice bag had so much riceworms until I put them out for some 'sun tanning'. As the heat was unbearable, most of the riceworms 'climbed' out from the rice bag. It was really 'geli' feeling seeing those worms 'climbing' out. I took the rice cup and scooped out a cup of rice and put them under the sun. You could see masses of black, moving things moving about on the cup. just seeing them will give you goosebumps. Our housemate's rice was even worse. It was so badly infested with worms that with every tablespoon of rice you take, there are at least 10 worms in it. So for about 1 hour, I was at the balcony, also basking in the sun, trying to scoop out the worms. I managed to pick out a 'cocoon' which had a huge larvae in it. Then as I was stirring the rice, another huge larvae came worming its way through the rice. So scary man...I can't imagine eating that larvae if I accidentally cook it. The larvae is like a grown-up fly larvae, in fact, it's actually bigger than that. So terrible. very disgusting. YUCK

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