Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SPM results out!

SPM results finally out.

Chung Hua has got 51 straight A's student. 10 people got straight A1's. The number of students having straight A's has increased from 44 to 51. I heard from my friend that Chung Hua's principal, Mr Lee, was very happy about it. *digusted face*. I guess he was very proud of his 'achievement' after taking over the post of pricipal for only 7 months. He purposely stated in newspaper ....this year got 51 straight A(Last year 44 only). Sort of insulting our batch only. I think the SPM standard has dropped a lot for the past few years. So many people seems to be getting straight A's. Even students from the E class could get straight A's. Unbelievable? Believe it. I won't be surprised if Ah JOhn gets straight A's in SPM with just playing O2 jam...(haha...no insult to ah john's abilities).It's either the students studied extra harder b4 SPM or the standard has dropped. I prefer the latter.

Oh well, I guess there are a few really bright and hardworking students who actually studied hard for SPM. Congrats to them for their efforts have finally paid off. Whereas those who didn't study yet 'fortunately' got straight A's. Pre-U and university life is even tougher.

At the end of the day,

only hard work counts.

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