Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Had my maths was quite easy except for the third question. I FORGOT TO INTEGRATE the damn x=tant. No wonder I was thinking why couldn't I find the answer. For 20 min I was redoing and redoing the same question but still couldn't find the answer. 5 marks gone...

Just a little update of what I did last weekend,
Borrowed Yen Bee's violin. Played quite horribly. Poor Esther had to endure me playing the violin for 3 days. HAHA. Who ask her to bully her everytime, now is my payback time *evil laughter*. Playing violin isn't as easy as I thought. Bowing is very difficult as I'd to make sure my bow is straight all the time and also I don't play the 2 strings at the same time. Anyway, i managed to play a few pop songs (rather easy ones), 'tian hei hei' (Sun Yan Zhi) and 'tong hua' (Guang Liang). I tranpose the 'tong hua' to G major to make me easier for me to play. I tried playing 'Lydia' (FIR) but it was quite hard as I've to be really familiar with the notes and play it quick. Pity I have to return the violin coz Joseph wanna borrow to practise too.

Went shopping. Esther managed to buy the 'Public Speaking' book by Dale Carnegie (thanks to my vigilant eyes for spotting the book). We still haven't bought a present for Timothy's birthday.

Went swimming. Esther and I just found out that if we go swimming in the afternoon, we could concentrate studying at night. So now, I'm trying to make the effort to go home early and swim.

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