Thursday, March 02, 2006


sien in mood to blog..I wonder how Steph can maintain her daily basis (is it daily basis?)in blogging for such a long time, a salute to you Steph! haha...After missing classes for like 2 weeks (11 lessons actually) I am terribly left behind. Sigh...damn lot of maths notes to copy man...if I'm not mistaken, there's 40+ pages to copy...chem notes also a lot..and I have chem test on the lessons i missed next week! *stressed* I also have to go out shopping one of these days as there's nothing at home to eat anymore. Not a single vege or fruit left in the fridge. Every night I go to bed hungry.

Yesterday, one dumb ass provoked Ms Lim in class. He is always late for class and yesterday was as usual, late for 20 minutes. Ms Lim, apparently not in a good mood was unhappy about it. She told him to leave the class as she didn't want him there. The dumb ass was bold enough to ask her 'why' and said that he shouldn't be told to leave. He said that he had a reason for being late and said that he had misplaced his book or sth (bullshitting, in my opinion). Then he said one stupid remark that left Ms Lim so angry for the rest of the period. He told her that, 'I paid for the class so by right I shouldn't be told to leave the class.'sigh...I think he never think before he talks. So Ms Lim was so angry and again told him to leave. So he said, 'ok then, I go and get a letter from Datin.' So he came back with a letter from Datin and obviously, Ms Lim wasn't happy about it. She kept saying, 'ok, since you said you pay me to teach, then you should pay me more coz I'm doing more that what I should be doing!' she was fuming and in the end she said,'if that's the case, I must don't teach and just sit down there and watch you all.' so she really sat on the teacher's chair and did her work. That's was 10.30am. So for the next half-an-hour, she sat there. And when the time came, she left the class. There were a few people who saw her crying...I don't know about that, but I think it's true. Lynda said she saw Ms Lim's eyes turning red. As we had two periods of maths that day, Ms Lim didn't give us the test as she said. I guess she was just too angry to give us any test. 'I'm just in time to come back to watch the drama', Rasvin said..haha...very funny...

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