Thursday, March 09, 2006

nothing to blog about

yea..there's nothing to blog about and I'm feeling really bored. Just now went to bio lab, then heard Wee Sim said that Leeds had rejected him. But when I checked UCAS track just now, there wasn't any news from Leeds. Is that good news or bad news?

Read cowie's blog. *to cowie* seems like you really want me to go to Leeds hoh. sigh...I don't know whether should go Leeds or Nottingham. Leeds seem to be great fun. With you there and we can work as CLEANERS together..haha...but rejecting Nottingham seems to be so silly...everybody will be like...'why you reject Nottingham?' bla bla bla. Don't want to think about it for now, wait till I really get an offer from Leeds then I'll think about it again.

Just now went to check for the term 'bronchial carcinoma'. It means lung cancer also right? But it seems like it's highly prevalent in smokers and not in non-smokers. So dunno, I hope daddy's cough is just a minor cough due to asthma and not to bronchial carcinoma. Mousie told me that she had a case study. A man had persistent dry cough for more than 2 months and was found that he had bronchial carcinoma. Damn...that's really scary. I can't remember how long daddy's cough is. And daddy said there's wheezing sound when he breathes coz of asthma (according to mousie). Well, for lung cancer, the wheezing sound is due to the tumour which causes the airway to's damn scary, really scary. CHOI *touchwood*...don't want anything to happen to daddy. Cowie must be saying that I think too much... I haven't asked daddy yet coz dunno how to ask him.

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