Thursday, March 30, 2006

Leeds or Nottingham?

Last night (no, this morning) at 4.42am, I received a texted message from my dad. It said, ' Leeds conditional offer AAB. A for chemistry.' Maybe for other people, they would be jumping about with joy and be really excited...but for me...hmm..I guess I was feeling rather indifferent (did I use the correct vocab) about it. Getting Leeds offer is like 99% probability after I visited them. So, I kinda expected it. But I wonder what took them so long to give me the offer.

So, now, I'm down to two choices. Leeds or Nottingham. Grrr...thinking about it gives me headache. I was thinking about it in the train, during chem and bio classes...until I didn't pay attention to what the lecturers were talking. SIGH. Getting more than one offer is so 'mafan'. How I wish I'm only left with one offer and I don't have to make decisions. Decisions, decisions, decisions...why do we have to make decisions...

I think Steph will be very happy if I put Leeds as my firm choice. Dunno. NOttingham's double-degree is too attractive already. Have to pray hard and ask God for wisdom in choosing which uni I go.

But, I think deep down in my heart, I want to go Leeds (don't be too happy yet Steph *putting out tongue). Why? Of course coz Steph is there and I can use her notes and probably get honours...haha...good also. Also can work with steph at the same place, go shopping with her, buy clothing with her, cook for her (depending on my mood) shuang..

Anyway, I've got 2 least I know that I'm UK bound and that I don't end up in IMU... *phew* ;)

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