Monday, March 20, 2006


Went to Low Yat to meet Nai HUi today. Nai Hui initially said that he wanted to meet and then 'yam cha' with him. But instead, I ended up shopping for camera with him. So, for 2 hours, we were roaming around Low Yat, going to every camera shop we saw and asking questions. I would say that boys are very independent. They dare to ask questions, not like me *sob sob*....The trip to Low Yat wasn't a waste,I learned quite a lot of things, such as what's ISO, anti-shake, Leica Lens... I also got to meet Nai Hui's roommate (he sent me a rather 'naughty' msg using NH's hp) for the first time, though it was just a 10-second meet. He just suddenly appeared out from nowhere, handshake with me and then told NH that he wanted to go. Didn't get to talk to him. Too bad. Finally, Nai Hui decided to buy a Panasonic Fx-9 digi cam which cost RM1399 in a shop. We were on the way to get money from the ATM when we passed by another camera shop. Since there was no harm asking for the price, NH went into the shop and he found out that the camera only cost RM1350! wow...RM50 cheaper. He actually asked from RM1500 in other shops to RM1350 in that shop. That's RM150 difference! *whistle*

Seems like it's always good to ask

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