Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Just found out that my camera has some hidden features which I only found out today..aiks...haha

I could take the pic using different modes:

normal mode

sepia mode

solarize mode ( I like this mode the most)

black and white mode

ah...all the photos are the same pose one...boring.

But those photos are nice right? right?




what do you think?

Monday, February 26, 2007

fond memories of the past

Haha...I know I said I won't be updating my blog until my exam finishes...

but still, can't stand the 'temptation' of updating it..hehe

Was browsing through all my old photos which I posted it up in webshots a few years ago (whoa, din log on webshots for so long and they have so many new features!). I realised that almost everybody has changed (in terms of dressing and appearance) over the past 3 years.

Pictures taken during teachers' day in f5 (2004):

somehow I missed them...(from left to right, Yew Jye, Kee Huong, Nai Hui, Sin Yong and Darren)

Although some of them have been my classmates since form 1, I only got to know them better in form 5

Darren...the guy on the left, used to call me 白兔牙 coz of my protruding teeth. Haha...now my teeth damn straight already ler...haha

Taken during Chung Hua concert

now, 3 years later...the most recent photo taken (courtesy of NH)

CNY reunion 2007

Did u realise anything different in the girls' appearance??

All of them (with the exception of Jennifer..hehe...Jen should leave long hair too!) have left long hair and straightened it was well...walau...and they dress more feminine too...wa...

What happened to the bookworm looks u all used to have???

I still kinda miss the f4 &5 days in Chung Hua when life was so laid-back and relaxing. F1-3 was the most horrible time of my life which I would prefer to forget. In Chung Hua, if you are neither extremely good in academics nor co-curricular activities, you are a nobody. People don't give a damn of ur existence. That's what happened to me during my time in f1-3. From f1-3 I only had ONE friend in A class. Yea, that's how bad it can get when u are nothing in A class. But also my fault la...I was damn quiet last time. As quiet as a mouse. Up till now, I still wonder how I managed to live those 3 years of my life. But I believe those 3 years have made me grow a lot and learn to accept failure easily. It has impacted my self-confidence as well and I'm still trying to grow out from it.

But in f4, somehow I had a sudden liking towards the sci subjects so my class position was shifted from the usual 40+ position to the front 10. Not boasting here but I myself was shocked at my achievement at that time. But being the top 20 in class has made me a very competitive person. Always comparing other people's result with mine. And that's how the phrase, '如果你能够赢我, 猪也会飞升天' came out between me and NH. Haha. It was jz a little joke between us...and up till now he still remembers..lol.

It was really fun during my last 2 years in CH. Time really flies. Some of my friends are scattered around the world, some are waiting/are already in uni, some are in relationships.. all have their own lives to be busy with. But still, the fond memories in f4 and f5 are still etched on our heart =)

Miss u all larrrr....

Friday, February 23, 2007


sorry ah...these days no updates....

and I think for the few weeks to come too...

exams coming...

need to pia kau kau from now on

Saturday, February 17, 2007

random stuff

Just a few random stuffs...

Stephanie practised her clinical skills on her cg leader

definitely cannot be tried on the faint-hearted

whoa..daring. But next year it will be my turn too. I promised steph that I would be her subject one day. Then next year can use Steph as my sub..haha

Proton advert in the local newspaper!

I wonder who would buy the car...hmm

Talk by Jimmy Savile

A wacky Jimmy Savile came to give a talk during on of the lectures. I think he's quite famous among the locals here.

He said,
'as medical students, we can fill our head with knowledge but we must have some space for compassion.' It only takes 10 sec to show compassion to a patient (he did a small demo to prove what he said)

'all of us are mirror of the patient condition.' Our facial expressions show the patient how bad/good the patient is. So for eg, when we see a patient who is badly burnt, do not ever show the patient that morbid look.

He may be 80 yrs old having some eccentric personality. But what he said reflects the abundance of knowledge within him. Respect him man! *salute*

Finally, the last random event happening..

this is what we do during tea break and lunch during the first aid course:

Happy Chinese New Year!


3rd time celebrating CNY away from home. I'm kinda used to it. But I would say this is the first time celebrating CNY with friends. Great to have them!

I was rather surprised and touched to receive my a CNY card from my course mates.


Cooked dinner for them. It turned out ok. My cooking not as good as Steph's but the food was still edible. There were only 3 of us eating so I cooked a small portion. Cooked chicken porridge, lemon chicken, salmon and kangkong. Baked the peanut cookies too. There were leftovers so we gave them to my other malay course mate who couldn't come. He messsaged me and said that it was 'very2 sedap' (very nice) and said I will make a 'good wife' wor..haha. flattered. Maybe he was hungry that why he said that.

with Norain

and Hidayu

ate chocolate gateau after that. Yummy. I guess I will definitely put on weight this CNY. Must exercise to burn off those calories.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today I tried making peanut cookies. The first batch was terrible. I couldn't roll the mixture into the shape which I wanted. But after that, I somehow could roll the peanut into a 'proper' shape...Was pretty busy making the cookies the whole afternoon so couldn't hear my phone ring...oopps. I also din get to reply his online msg coz I put my online status as available. SOrry ar.


not as nice as the ones my housemate made but still...I managed to made it! These are for my coursemates...hehe..lucky people

Today was valentine's day too. Was rather touched by the card *ehem* specially designed for me...thanks! Haha. Happy valentine's day to u too! hehe

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

random events taking place

Happy valentine's day everybody! 情人节快乐!!

I'm really happy that I've finally uploaded my essay into the virtual pigeon hole in my uni. Thank God for my cell group leader, Vincent who was willing to spend 1 hour plus reading through my essay and telling me what needed improvement. Really blessed to have such nice people here in Leeds!

CNY coming up soon...sadly, my cg dinner is only on Monday whereas Steph and Lynda's cg dinner is on Sat. So I might hv to eat alone on CNY eve. Maybe I will try to organise a small dinner somewhere...dunno. Most people hv plans already.

Wana get the cookie recipe which my housemate made yesterday...super nice. Will 'try' to make for my uni friends since this week I've one day off from uni and 2 days having one hour lecture only. Thank God for this week coz I finally can have rest! But next week will be busy again. But it will be less hectic than the few weeks before.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Got it off an ex-IMU student's blog. I think only an IMU student can really know what it means to be in IMU. My stay at Bukit Jalil for 1 year has somehow familiarised me with those KKB, CSU terms, the dress code and some other stuff mentioned in the video. Really creative video. Must watch! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

car on fire

Sometimes there are small events happening which add 'spices' to our lives.

Today was no exception.

We saw a car on fire outside our house.

I've never seen a car on fire before. I've always seen it on tv but definitely not in real life. So Lynda and I were like some excited kids clicking away on our camera while my cg leader called the firemen and the police.

Dunno what was the cause of the fire. Nobody was hurt, fortunately. My cg leader's car was parked behind the burning car but thank God that nothing happened to his car. phew. We thought the car was going to explode but fortunately it didn't. Can't imagine the consequences if it explodes.

ablazed car...photo taken from my room window

The poor car in front was innocently 'harmed' too

The firemen came about 10 min later. I suddenly realised that these men are really brave men willing to risk their lives. While me and my household were 'hiding' inside the house afraid that the car might explode anytime, the firemen were so daring to approach the burning car to put off the fire.

finally the firemen came and put off the fire

heroes of the day..er...no night


Almost all parts of UK snowed these few days. Leeds is no exception.

But the snow wasn't that heavy as I expected. Too bad. Not enough to make snowman but enough to make snowballs to throw at people!!! wakakaka

Taken from my room window

somewhere around my house

For medical students..haha

One of my lecturers showed us this video so that we could gain a better understanding of different heart disease. Hilarious. Now I can remember what happens to the atrium and ventricle in various heart disease :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's all about love...

haha...since the month of February is the month of love.I've decided to post up some articles/stories which I got from forums and emails...love doesn't have to be BGR, it can be family, couples, friends...

Are u in love???
If u like to get out from a noisy party and walk together outside only with her/him, you are in love with her/him

When you are together with her/him, you pretend to ignore her/him. But when she/he is not around you, you might look around to find her/him. At that moment , you are in love.

Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh, your eyes and attention might go only to her/him. Then you are in love with her/him

Although she/he is supposed to call you a long ago to let you know she/he arrive safely at home, your phone is quiet. Then, you realize that you are in panic for the waiting. At that moment, you are in love with her/him

When you look at a group picture, you might rather look for her/him(to know who was next to her/him or how she/he look like in that picture) than look for yourself. Then you realize that you are in love with her/him

You have to hook out your telephone line for your busy study. Bu t you cant do it for one phone call from her/him. Then you are in love with her/him.

If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from her/him than other, many long emails, you are in love with her/him

When you find yourself who cant erase full of messages in your answering machine for one message from her/him, you are in love.

When you get a couple of free movie tickets, you would not hesitate to think of her/him. Then you are in love

You keep telling yourself :"she/he is just a friend" but you realize that you cant help avoiding the special attraction from her/him. At the moment, you are in love with her/him

While you are reading this email, if someone appears in your mind, you are deeply on love with her/him..


This story is long but I think it's worth reading :)

I cried for my brother 6 times......

I was born in a secluded village of a mountain. Days by days my parents plowed the yellow dry soil with their backs facing the sky.

I have a younger brother, 3 years younger than me. Once, to buy a handkerchief which all girls around me seemed to have, I stole 50 cents from my father's drawer. Father known about it right away.

He made my younger brother and me kneeled against the wall, with a bamboo stick in his hand.
"Who stole the money?" he asked.

I was stunned, too afraid to talk. Father didn't hear any of us admit, so he said, "Fine, if nobody wants to admit, you two should be beaten!"

He lifted up the bamboo stick.

Suddenly, my younger brother gripped father's hand and said," Dad, I was the one who did it!"

The long stick smacked on my brother's back repeatedly.

Father was so angry that he kept on whipped my brother until he lost his breath.

After that, he sat down on our stone bed and scolded my brother, "You have learnt to steal from your own house now, what other embarrassing things you will do in the future?? You should be beaten to death! You shameless thief!"

That night, mother and I hugged my brother. His body full of injuries, but he didn't shed a single tear.

In the middle of the night, all of sudden I cried out loudly.

My brother covered my mouth with his little hand and said, " Sis, now don't cry anymore. Everything has happened."

I still hate myself for didn't have enough courage to admit what I had done.

Years gone by, but the incident still looked like it just happened yesterday.

I will never forget my brother's expression when he protected me.

That year, my brother was 8 years old; I was 11 years old.

When my brother was in his last year of his lower secondary school, he was accepted in an upper secondary school in the central. At the same time, I was accepted into a province's university.

That night, father squatted in the yard, smoking, packet by packet.

I could hear him said, "Both our children have good results? very good results?"

Mother wiped off her tears and sighed," What is the use? How can we possibly finance both of them?"

At that time, my brother walked out, he stood in front of father and said,"Dad, I don't want to continue my study anymore, I have read enough books."

Father swung his hand and slapped brother on his face.

"Why do you have a spirit so damn weak? Even if it means I have to beg for money on the streets, I will sen! d you two to school until you both finish your study!"

And then, he started to knock on every house in the village to borrow money. I stuck out my hand as soft as I can to my brother's swollen face, and said, "A boy has to continue his study; If not, he will not be able to leave this depths of poverty."

Me, on the other hand, had decided not to further my study to university.

Who knows on the next day, before dawn, my brother left the house with a few pieces of worn-out clothes and a few dry beans. He sneaked to the side of my bed and left a note on my pillow; "Sis, get into an university is not easy. I will go find a job and send money to you."

I held the note while sitting on my bed, and cried until I lost my voice.

That year, my brother was 17 years old; I was 20 years old. With the money father borrowed from the whole village, and money my brother earned from carrying cement on his back at construction site,finally, I managed to get to the third year of my study in the university.

One day, I was studying in my room, when my roommate came in and told me,"There's a villager wait for you outside!"

Why is there a villager looking for me? I walked out, and saw my brother from afar, His whole body is dirty, covered by dust, cement and sands.

I asked him, "Why don't you tell my roommate that you are my brother?"

He replied with a smile," Look at my appearance. What will they think if they know that I am your brother?,Don't they laugh at you?"

I felt so touched, and tears filled my eyes. I swept away dusts from my brother's body. And said with a lump in my throat, " I don't care of what people say! You are my brother no matter what your appearance is?"

From his pocket, he took out a butterfly hair clip. He wore it on me, and said, "I saw all the girls in town are wearing it. So, I think you should also have one."

I could not hold back myself anymore. I pulled my brother into my arms and cried and cried.

That year, my brother was 20 years old; I was 23 years old.

The first time I brought my boyfriend home, the broken window had been repaired.And it looked so clean inside the house.

After, my boyfriend went home, I danced like a small girl in front of my mother, "Mom, you don't have to spend so many time cleaning the house!"

But she said with a smile," It was your brother who went home early to clean the house. Didn't you see the wound on his hand? He was injured while replacing the window." I went into my brother's small bedroom.

Looking at his thin face, I felt like there are hundreds of needle pricked in my heart.

I put some ointment on his wound and bandaged it, "Does it hurt? " I asked him.

"No, it doesn't hurt. You know, when I was working in the construction site, stones falling on my feet all the time. Even that could not stop me from working and?"

In the middle of the sentence, he stopped. I turned my back on him and tears rolling down my face.

That year, my brother was 23 years old; I was 26 years old.

After I got married, I lived in the city. Lots of time my husband invited my parents to come and live with us, but they didn't want.

They said, once they left the village,they didn't know what to do.

My brother also didn't agree, he said, "Sis, you just taking care of your parents-in-law. I will take care of mom and dad here."

My husband became the director of his factory. We wanted my brother to get the job as the manager in the department of maintenance. But my brother rejected the offer. He insisted on starting to work as a reparation worker.

One day, my brother was on the top of a ladder repairing a cable, when he got electrocuted, and was sent to the hospital.

My husband and I visited him. Looked at the white gypsum on his leg, I grumbled,"Why did you reject to be a manager? Manager will not do something dangerous like this. Look at you now, such a serious injury. Why you didn't want to listen to us?"

With a serious expression on his face, he defended on his decision, "Think of brother-in-law?he just became the director, and I almost uneducated. If I became the manager, what kind of rumors will fly around?"

My husband's eyes filled up with tears, and then I said, "But you lack in education also because of me!" "Why talking about the past?" My brother held my hand.

That year, he was 26 years old and I was 29 years old. My brother was 30years old when he married a farmer girl from the village.

In his wedding reception, the master of ceremonies asked him, "Who is the one you respect and love the most?"
Without thinking, he answered," My sister." He continued by telling a story I could not even remember.

"When I was in primary school, the school was in different village.

Everyday, my sister and I walked for 2 hours to go school and go home.

One day, I lost one of my pair of gloves. My sister gave me one of hers.
She only wore one glove and walked for so far. When we got home, her hand was so trembled because of the weather that was so cold that she could not even hold her chopsticks. From that day on, I swore that as long as I live, I would take care of my sister and be good to her."

Applause filled up the room. All guests turned their attentions to me.

Words were so hard to come out from my mouth, "In my whole life, the one I would like to thank the most is my brother," And in this happy occasion,in front of the crowd, tears rolling down my face again.

Love and care for the one you love every single days of your life. You may think what you did is just a small deed, but to that someone, it may mean a lot.

Have a nice day everyone! May this story inspire you in any way!


Monday, February 05, 2007

uni life is always busy

The time now is 3.36am. 2 more hours then I have to go to work.

Rushing with my SSC essay. Dunno when do I have to hand in the draft but people speculate it to be around Mon to Thurs. But if I can hand in as early as possible that will be great as I have more time to make amendments to my essay.

Both of my roomies are in dreamland right now. The whole room is dark except for the table lamp on Stephanie's table which stands shining. Somehow I enjoy working in a quiet environment when everyone is sleeping. I find myself able to concentrate better.

I'm amazed by how fast my table become messy. Books and papers everywhere...I'm just simply lazy to clean my table. Even if I clean it, it will get messy in less than 2 days' time.

By 12th of Feb, I would hand in my final copy of my SSC then I can relax a bit. One major assignment down. But there's another assignment (presentation) starting this week which will also be counted in the exam.

Really can't wait for easter break. 6 more weeks (including this week) to go...I must endure...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

wana change my job

Thinking of changing my job.

Received an email asking the students whether they are willing to work as an assistant nurse in hospital in Bradford with the rate of pay of 8-10 pounds per hour. Wana earn some extra money so that can save and go back to M'sia this summer.

Working time is flexible with morning, evening and night shifts. I can even work only 1 day in a week. So I can keep my cleaning job just in case I wana quit my assistant nurse job.

Heard from people that the job is really tough. Have to clean people's faeces most of the time. But the good part is that I get to learn to interact with patients, doctors and consultant. Will look good on my CV too.

Hope I get the job. Then I quit my cleaning job for good...yay...no need to wake up so early in the morning already :)

ok, back to my SSC. I'm halfway thru it! Must finish by mon.