Sunday, February 04, 2007

wana change my job

Thinking of changing my job.

Received an email asking the students whether they are willing to work as an assistant nurse in hospital in Bradford with the rate of pay of 8-10 pounds per hour. Wana earn some extra money so that can save and go back to M'sia this summer.

Working time is flexible with morning, evening and night shifts. I can even work only 1 day in a week. So I can keep my cleaning job just in case I wana quit my assistant nurse job.

Heard from people that the job is really tough. Have to clean people's faeces most of the time. But the good part is that I get to learn to interact with patients, doctors and consultant. Will look good on my CV too.

Hope I get the job. Then I quit my cleaning job for need to wake up so early in the morning already :)

ok, back to my SSC. I'm halfway thru it! Must finish by mon.

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