Saturday, February 17, 2007

random stuff

Just a few random stuffs...

Stephanie practised her clinical skills on her cg leader

definitely cannot be tried on the faint-hearted

whoa..daring. But next year it will be my turn too. I promised steph that I would be her subject one day. Then next year can use Steph as my sub..haha

Proton advert in the local newspaper!

I wonder who would buy the car...hmm

Talk by Jimmy Savile

A wacky Jimmy Savile came to give a talk during on of the lectures. I think he's quite famous among the locals here.

He said,
'as medical students, we can fill our head with knowledge but we must have some space for compassion.' It only takes 10 sec to show compassion to a patient (he did a small demo to prove what he said)

'all of us are mirror of the patient condition.' Our facial expressions show the patient how bad/good the patient is. So for eg, when we see a patient who is badly burnt, do not ever show the patient that morbid look.

He may be 80 yrs old having some eccentric personality. But what he said reflects the abundance of knowledge within him. Respect him man! *salute*

Finally, the last random event happening..

this is what we do during tea break and lunch during the first aid course:


Anonymous said...

hey...u have to pay for my royaltyyy!!!..hehe...its 68pound ok.hehe

Janice said...

waaaaa...greedy greedy *shaking head*...haha