Saturday, February 10, 2007

car on fire

Sometimes there are small events happening which add 'spices' to our lives.

Today was no exception.

We saw a car on fire outside our house.

I've never seen a car on fire before. I've always seen it on tv but definitely not in real life. So Lynda and I were like some excited kids clicking away on our camera while my cg leader called the firemen and the police.

Dunno what was the cause of the fire. Nobody was hurt, fortunately. My cg leader's car was parked behind the burning car but thank God that nothing happened to his car. phew. We thought the car was going to explode but fortunately it didn't. Can't imagine the consequences if it explodes.

ablazed taken from my room window

The poor car in front was innocently 'harmed' too

The firemen came about 10 min later. I suddenly realised that these men are really brave men willing to risk their lives. While me and my household were 'hiding' inside the house afraid that the car might explode anytime, the firemen were so daring to approach the burning car to put off the fire.

finally the firemen came and put off the fire

heroes of the night


Scarlet said...

Alot of stuff happening to cars these days....Do you know about what happen to a young adult here In Malaysia some days back? Poor thing. Anyway, those shots you took, seriously looked like some Hollywood action movie screenshot...especially that purple colour smoke??

Janice said...

purple colour smoke?? haha...I think it's the camera effect. Dun remember seeing a purple colour smoke last night.

Hmm...the young adult incidence? I think I'd better catch up with M'sia news. Didn't read the news for a long long time