Tuesday, February 13, 2007

random events taking place

Happy valentine's day everybody! 情人节快乐!!

I'm really happy that I've finally uploaded my essay into the virtual pigeon hole in my uni. Thank God for my cell group leader, Vincent who was willing to spend 1 hour plus reading through my essay and telling me what needed improvement. Really blessed to have such nice people here in Leeds!

CNY coming up soon...sadly, my cg dinner is only on Monday whereas Steph and Lynda's cg dinner is on Sat. So I might hv to eat alone on CNY eve. Maybe I will try to organise a small dinner somewhere...dunno. Most people hv plans already.

Wana get the cookie recipe which my housemate made yesterday...super nice. Will 'try' to make for my uni friends since this week I've one day off from uni and 2 days having one hour lecture only. Thank God for this week coz I finally can have rest! But next week will be busy again. But it will be less hectic than the few weeks before.

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