Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!


3rd time celebrating CNY away from home. I'm kinda used to it. But I would say this is the first time celebrating CNY with friends. Great to have them!

I was rather surprised and touched to receive my a CNY card from my course mates.


Cooked dinner for them. It turned out ok. My cooking not as good as Steph's but the food was still edible. There were only 3 of us eating so I cooked a small portion. Cooked chicken porridge, lemon chicken, salmon and kangkong. Baked the peanut cookies too. There were leftovers so we gave them to my other malay course mate who couldn't come. He messsaged me and said that it was 'very2 sedap' (very nice) and said I will make a 'good wife' wor..haha. flattered. Maybe he was hungry that why he said that.

with Norain

and Hidayu

ate chocolate gateau after that. Yummy. I guess I will definitely put on weight this CNY. Must exercise to burn off those calories.

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