Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just when I thought the world has become hostile and dangerous to live in...

Just when I thought I should stop caring and giving for people as I don't feel appreciated...

Just when I've got so much doubtfulness about the world I'm living in...

I read my friend's blog.

And I would say that one of that particular friend's entries really uplifted me and I started to see some sort of hope in this world.

Never mind that I didn't get as many birthday present as my sister and Lyn...

Never mind that I feel left-out and no one to talk to during an event...

I know that I'm greatly appreciated by someone else and that has made the difference.

Thanks my friend (you know who you are), you've indeed cheer me up a lot esp when my exams are near.

I believe God has worked through you to tell me that I just have to continue to trust in Him and let Him take control.

Philipians 4:6,
6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Exams next week...sigh

Monday - Neurobiology (summative exam)
Tuesday - SSC hand-in date (summative assessment)
Wednesday - HIV project presentation (formative exam)
Thursday - Biochem formative exam

Every day is a busy day next week

I haven't even started studying for my formative exam yet although it's not counted into the end-of-year mark. BUT, I'm required to pass that exam. lab report assessment has pulled me down greatly and now am depending greatly on my ADME and neurobiology. Hopefully I can get A for neurobiology coz most of the seniors said that the exam is very easy.

Won't be talking that much to my roommates anymore. Have to concentrate on studying

Monday, November 20, 2006

I've got my new laptop!


I've got my new laptop!

HP nc6400 with very intel core duo and fingerprint reader technology. So cool. And it's the lightest among all the hp notebook models too!

Thank you mummy and daddy for sending me the laptop (and Stephanie too!)!


Came back from London yesterday. Didn't manage to explore around London as we only had an afternoon to explore. So we went to Oxford Street and Chinatown instead.

We didn't stay long in Oxford Street as there wasn't any sales going on and the street was so packed with people until Steph and I got so irritated that we decided to go to Chinatown to look for some food. Bought some egg tarts for the housemates at home coz they were really kind to us during the house break-in (they lent us hp to call back home and also baked a cake for me).

Can't update my blog that often anymore as I have an exam coming up in 2 weeks' time. Neurobiology exam. Grr... And I also have to do some editing in my SSC essay which only got a 'good' (C) so that I can improve it to a 'very good' (B). Getting excellent (A) is very hard la...I think only geniuses can get A.

Stephanie will be having her exams next Fri so I guess everyone will be very busy. 9 Blandford Grove will be quiet in the next 2 weeks without Steph's shouting and yelling.

Can't wait for holidays on 8th Dec!

Some pics:

small MCKL reunion during Nottingham games

our small ensuite room in M'sian Hall (one night 6.49 pounds each)

so many people

London Chinatown

The's very dirty actually and I think it's even worse than M'sia's LRT

Victoria train station - we mistook the Tube to some other dunno-what trains. We got confused with the board showing many train destinations and platforms. Wasted precious time finding the our destination on that board and finally realising that we should be using the UNDERGROUND tube instead of the trains on the ground surface.

Friday, November 10, 2006

SSC and ADME assignment done! Yay...

Yay...I've finally finished my SSC and ADME assignment! So happy. I've been busying myself doing those two stupiak assignment for 2 weeks until I've neglected my lecture revision.

But finally those two are done! Now just have to do some final touch on my SSC before I can hand in to my SSC tutor on Monday.

signing off,
feeling very happy now and excited about encounter weekend!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've promised to write a blog entry about my here it is (see I so nice, still keep to my promise :P)

I thought this year's birthday would be just the same as last year's. I didn't eat out or even celebrate my birthday on the day itself. Only ate cold porridge for last year's :(

Well, it turns out to be quite enjoyable because of great housemates around. That night on my birthday, I actually planned to cook just chicken thighs for dinner but in the end fell asleep as I was too tired. Stephanie and Lynda weren't at home as one of them went to see her tutor and the other went to a house-warming party.

But when Steph came back, she told me to get dressed.

'Hurry up and dress up coz we are going out to eat.'

It was TW's idea to go out to eat. Initially we wanted to go to Azbaz to eat bu there were too many people so we changed our plan and went to Tong Palace instead. The food was ok but not worth for money. The Teochew tofu was disappointing. Only fried tofu and dip in vinegar. Serene was really nice to foot the bill and I really owe her a of these days I will pay for her and TW's too.

Kinda touched that people actually remembered my birthday. Just saying a 'happy birthday' to me or sending e-cards or sending texted message to wish me happy birthday is enough to put me on cloud nine...really appreciate those message. I still keep some of those messages in my hp, wait till I read until sien then only I delete...I'm kinda surprised that my uni friends actually knew that my birthday fell on that day.

Thanks to my uni friends Hidayu, Faizal, Norain, Sing Yee and Man Hon for remembering tho one of them wished me only a day after my birthday.

Thanks to David, Tarsem, Nai Hui, Yen Bee, Esther da jie, Stella, Faizal, Norain, Hidayu, Ming How, Joseph, Ai Fei, Eliza, Yung Leong, Joyce, Tze Way, Serene, Jennifer, Rachel, Christina, Lizzie, Paul and Nicholas for also remembering my birthday:). I hope I have not left out any.

Of course, my I still haven't forgotten about my roommates..hehe...Lynda and Steph both gave me chocolates tho I finished them in less than a week. Lizzie (my assistant cell leader) gave me a scarf, gloves, a mechanical pen and a book on reflecting the Word of God. All wrapped neatly and beatifully in a lovely brown bag. So sweet :)

My housemates Melvin, Yung Kit and Mei Shun also took all the trouble to bake a cake for me. So nice of them:). The candles which were sponsored by Stephanie nearly took the life out of me as I tried to blow them off. Special candles that are hard to find in M'sia.

Owe so many people 'ren qing' now...but I feel really blessed as I've never got so many birthday wishes before as I'm very quiet and don't have many friends around. This year is indeed a blessed birthday for me :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks everybody...

I'm feel really blessed that I'm in Leeds and not elsewhere. There were so many supports and concern from so many people that I'm kinda touched by their messages and kindness.

Specially thanks to:

my housemates:

Yung Kit - for lending me his hp to call back home and for offering his laptop for me to use

Melvin and Mei Shun - for also offering their laptop and giving us herbal egg to eat (thanks also for the birthday cake they baked for me..will blog about my birthday later)

- also a victim of the house break-in. Thanks for showing concern for my essay (and also singing the birthday song so loud until his throat a bit damn funny)

- lending us her laptop to use (and treating me to eat at Tong Palace on my birthday)

Cell group members and friends:
James - for sending me home by car when I heard about the house break-in news and also for praying for me to ask for God's peace and comfort.

- for offering me her laptop to use.

- for coming to our house and offering to lend us a desktop

Lizzie, Hidayu, Sing Yee, Nai Hui, Subhen
- for the text message

Wei Lun
- for text message and helping me find infomation on my SSC essay

William, chrissie, Yang Min and Jin Li
- for showing concern and asking how's everything

Jean, Shen Wei, Julian, Julee, Ai Shin, Taru, David, Kyle, Min Jung and James
- for coming to our house to see how's everything

Stephanie said that if we were in KL, she will bet that no one would even come to visit the house. The second day after our house break-in, some of the church people invited us to eat dim-sum at Lucky Dragon to cheer us up. Stephanie went but Lynda and I didn't go coz we went to Nottingham for the Nottingham games. It was really great meeting up with the old MCs people who came - Yang Min, Subhen, Jane, Wee Sim and Wei Lun. Pity Joyce didn't go coz I guess and will bet my head that no one will go next year already. It was quite boring coz we didn't go to the city centre and had nothing to do for 4 hours. Oh...I met Sing Yee's twin too...wahman..really looks like him. It's like a photocopy of him.

Hmm..about how I celebrated my birthday...I'll blog about it when I hv time. Got to do my SSC essay...hope the professor would give me a week's extension

Saturday, November 04, 2006

house got broken into :(

This post will be an extremely short one coz I'm using Serene's computer to go online.

Just 4 hours ago I was in cell group.

Then I heard my handphone vibrating.

It was Stephanie...But it was really weird as she had cell group too and I was wondering why she called me.

I wanted to just stop the call but didn't so I excused myself and went outside of the room.


'Janice, Janice, come back quick!'


'Our house got broken into! and our laptop got stolen! Even Lynda's one is stolen too!'


'Oh S***'

I couldn't believe my ears and had to ask stephanie to repeat a few times...I could my whole body trembling, trying to swallow the fact that my laptop was stolen!

I like my laptop very much and I really treasure it. My half done SSC was still inside and the last time I saved it was on Sunday. The whole work from Mon to Fri was gone. ALL GONE. PLUS ALL MY PICTURES WHICH I TOOK IN UK.

When I got home, I immediately rushed upstairs. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my table, Stephanie's table and Lynda's table empty. The place where I used to put my laptop was EMPTY now.

Tears immediately started rolling down my cheeks. Damn sad laptop was part of my life already. I can't believe life without it.


Really crying like mad when I phoned my parents. my body was shaking and I couldn't even remember what's my dad's hp number. Couldn't even utter a word when I told my mum what happened.

But I thank God that only my laptop was stolen. My camera was still intact in my drawer. Even my passport and my wallet which contain 15 pounds inside was still lying untouched in the drawer. Stephanie's laptop and iPod was stolen but fortunately the iPod was half spoilt so I think there's no market value even if the burglar sells it.

The burglar(s) got into the house through Tze Way's window and stole TW's camera and laptop. Then he must hv got upstairs and seeing that our door wasn't locked (our door couldn't be locked at all) must hv got in to steal our laptops. The burglar did not go to the highest floor as the room lights were on and I think the rooms were locked too.

Steph and Lynda's cell members came and the whole house was really crowded. But thank God for them coz I think I'm feeling better now.

The bible says we must thank God in all circumstances. Although I wonder what's God's plan behind this break-in, but I still thank God for this. Thank you Lord!