Monday, November 20, 2006

I've got my new laptop!


I've got my new laptop!

HP nc6400 with very intel core duo and fingerprint reader technology. So cool. And it's the lightest among all the hp notebook models too!

Thank you mummy and daddy for sending me the laptop (and Stephanie too!)!


Came back from London yesterday. Didn't manage to explore around London as we only had an afternoon to explore. So we went to Oxford Street and Chinatown instead.

We didn't stay long in Oxford Street as there wasn't any sales going on and the street was so packed with people until Steph and I got so irritated that we decided to go to Chinatown to look for some food. Bought some egg tarts for the housemates at home coz they were really kind to us during the house break-in (they lent us hp to call back home and also baked a cake for me).

Can't update my blog that often anymore as I have an exam coming up in 2 weeks' time. Neurobiology exam. Grr... And I also have to do some editing in my SSC essay which only got a 'good' (C) so that I can improve it to a 'very good' (B). Getting excellent (A) is very hard la...I think only geniuses can get A.

Stephanie will be having her exams next Fri so I guess everyone will be very busy. 9 Blandford Grove will be quiet in the next 2 weeks without Steph's shouting and yelling.

Can't wait for holidays on 8th Dec!

Some pics:

small MCKL reunion during Nottingham games

our small ensuite room in M'sian Hall (one night 6.49 pounds each)

so many people

London Chinatown

The's very dirty actually and I think it's even worse than M'sia's LRT

Victoria train station - we mistook the Tube to some other dunno-what trains. We got confused with the board showing many train destinations and platforms. Wasted precious time finding the our destination on that board and finally realising that we should be using the UNDERGROUND tube instead of the trains on the ground surface.


gab said... look different wo, become prettier....i guess the turtle has tranformed huh?

Janice said...

haha...true or not din rub your eyes properly eh

tarsem said...

I look better. The rest look the same lor. But where's the cambridge duo?

Oh, and btw...good luck for exams! :)

Janice said...

Hehe...thanks! About the Cambridge duo...They didn't manage to go coz quite busy with uni work..too bad

Gabriel said...

what duo?

Janice said...

oh...just two friends of mine from my college who study in Camb...very smart people