Saturday, November 04, 2006

house got broken into :(

This post will be an extremely short one coz I'm using Serene's computer to go online.

Just 4 hours ago I was in cell group.

Then I heard my handphone vibrating.

It was Stephanie...But it was really weird as she had cell group too and I was wondering why she called me.

I wanted to just stop the call but didn't so I excused myself and went outside of the room.


'Janice, Janice, come back quick!'


'Our house got broken into! and our laptop got stolen! Even Lynda's one is stolen too!'


'Oh S***'

I couldn't believe my ears and had to ask stephanie to repeat a few times...I could my whole body trembling, trying to swallow the fact that my laptop was stolen!

I like my laptop very much and I really treasure it. My half done SSC was still inside and the last time I saved it was on Sunday. The whole work from Mon to Fri was gone. ALL GONE. PLUS ALL MY PICTURES WHICH I TOOK IN UK.

When I got home, I immediately rushed upstairs. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my table, Stephanie's table and Lynda's table empty. The place where I used to put my laptop was EMPTY now.

Tears immediately started rolling down my cheeks. Damn sad laptop was part of my life already. I can't believe life without it.


Really crying like mad when I phoned my parents. my body was shaking and I couldn't even remember what's my dad's hp number. Couldn't even utter a word when I told my mum what happened.

But I thank God that only my laptop was stolen. My camera was still intact in my drawer. Even my passport and my wallet which contain 15 pounds inside was still lying untouched in the drawer. Stephanie's laptop and iPod was stolen but fortunately the iPod was half spoilt so I think there's no market value even if the burglar sells it.

The burglar(s) got into the house through Tze Way's window and stole TW's camera and laptop. Then he must hv got upstairs and seeing that our door wasn't locked (our door couldn't be locked at all) must hv got in to steal our laptops. The burglar did not go to the highest floor as the room lights were on and I think the rooms were locked too.

Steph and Lynda's cell members came and the whole house was really crowded. But thank God for them coz I think I'm feeling better now.

The bible says we must thank God in all circumstances. Although I wonder what's God's plan behind this break-in, but I still thank God for this. Thank you Lord!

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