Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've promised to write a blog entry about my here it is (see I so nice, still keep to my promise :P)

I thought this year's birthday would be just the same as last year's. I didn't eat out or even celebrate my birthday on the day itself. Only ate cold porridge for last year's :(

Well, it turns out to be quite enjoyable because of great housemates around. That night on my birthday, I actually planned to cook just chicken thighs for dinner but in the end fell asleep as I was too tired. Stephanie and Lynda weren't at home as one of them went to see her tutor and the other went to a house-warming party.

But when Steph came back, she told me to get dressed.

'Hurry up and dress up coz we are going out to eat.'

It was TW's idea to go out to eat. Initially we wanted to go to Azbaz to eat bu there were too many people so we changed our plan and went to Tong Palace instead. The food was ok but not worth for money. The Teochew tofu was disappointing. Only fried tofu and dip in vinegar. Serene was really nice to foot the bill and I really owe her a of these days I will pay for her and TW's too.

Kinda touched that people actually remembered my birthday. Just saying a 'happy birthday' to me or sending e-cards or sending texted message to wish me happy birthday is enough to put me on cloud nine...really appreciate those message. I still keep some of those messages in my hp, wait till I read until sien then only I delete...I'm kinda surprised that my uni friends actually knew that my birthday fell on that day.

Thanks to my uni friends Hidayu, Faizal, Norain, Sing Yee and Man Hon for remembering tho one of them wished me only a day after my birthday.

Thanks to David, Tarsem, Nai Hui, Yen Bee, Esther da jie, Stella, Faizal, Norain, Hidayu, Ming How, Joseph, Ai Fei, Eliza, Yung Leong, Joyce, Tze Way, Serene, Jennifer, Rachel, Christina, Lizzie, Paul and Nicholas for also remembering my birthday:). I hope I have not left out any.

Of course, my I still haven't forgotten about my roommates..hehe...Lynda and Steph both gave me chocolates tho I finished them in less than a week. Lizzie (my assistant cell leader) gave me a scarf, gloves, a mechanical pen and a book on reflecting the Word of God. All wrapped neatly and beatifully in a lovely brown bag. So sweet :)

My housemates Melvin, Yung Kit and Mei Shun also took all the trouble to bake a cake for me. So nice of them:). The candles which were sponsored by Stephanie nearly took the life out of me as I tried to blow them off. Special candles that are hard to find in M'sia.

Owe so many people 'ren qing' now...but I feel really blessed as I've never got so many birthday wishes before as I'm very quiet and don't have many friends around. This year is indeed a blessed birthday for me :)


tarsem said...

Thank you for enabling us to remember friends' birthdays. The wonders of the internet....haha

And Malaysia sudah maju lah...those 'special' candles available anywhere also (except maybe Miri lah)=p

Mousie said...

Heheh... sorry... chatbox not working...

Wei... why no pic?