Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks everybody...

I'm feel really blessed that I'm in Leeds and not elsewhere. There were so many supports and concern from so many people that I'm kinda touched by their messages and kindness.

Specially thanks to:

my housemates:

Yung Kit - for lending me his hp to call back home and for offering his laptop for me to use

Melvin and Mei Shun - for also offering their laptop and giving us herbal egg to eat (thanks also for the birthday cake they baked for me..will blog about my birthday later)

- also a victim of the house break-in. Thanks for showing concern for my essay (and also singing the birthday song so loud until his throat a bit damn funny)

- lending us her laptop to use (and treating me to eat at Tong Palace on my birthday)

Cell group members and friends:
James - for sending me home by car when I heard about the house break-in news and also for praying for me to ask for God's peace and comfort.

- for offering me her laptop to use.

- for coming to our house and offering to lend us a desktop

Lizzie, Hidayu, Sing Yee, Nai Hui, Subhen
- for the text message

Wei Lun
- for text message and helping me find infomation on my SSC essay

William, chrissie, Yang Min and Jin Li
- for showing concern and asking how's everything

Jean, Shen Wei, Julian, Julee, Ai Shin, Taru, David, Kyle, Min Jung and James
- for coming to our house to see how's everything

Stephanie said that if we were in KL, she will bet that no one would even come to visit the house. The second day after our house break-in, some of the church people invited us to eat dim-sum at Lucky Dragon to cheer us up. Stephanie went but Lynda and I didn't go coz we went to Nottingham for the Nottingham games. It was really great meeting up with the old MCs people who came - Yang Min, Subhen, Jane, Wee Sim and Wei Lun. Pity Joyce didn't go coz I guess and will bet my head that no one will go next year already. It was quite boring coz we didn't go to the city centre and had nothing to do for 4 hours. Oh...I met Sing Yee's twin too...wahman..really looks like him. It's like a photocopy of him.

Hmm..about how I celebrated my birthday...I'll blog about it when I hv time. Got to do my SSC essay...hope the professor would give me a week's extension

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