Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fat already

sob sob

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

of sheepskin boots, bedroom slippers and chilblains

I have this problem ever since last year during the cold winter -my toes would become very red and swollen whenever the temperature drops.

It's called chilblains as Esther told me.

The practical way to prevent it is to keep warm as much as possible.

So...I bought

1. Sheepskin boots

Yay, I finally received my sheepskin boots today! Hdhl has got quite an efficient service in texting me the approximate delivery of me boots and it arrived quite on time. Fortunately Lynda was at home to get them (TQ!)

I used to hate the looks of these boots especially when people wear them with skinny fit jeans. But people say, 'never say never' and I started to notice these boots sometime last year and realise, hey they are actually quite nice' and began to go crazy over them. Since I would be staying in UK for the next few years so why not invest in one good boots which will keep me warm during the winter.

The story of how this pair of boots came about was quite long. I have been doing some research online on sheepskin boots and my initial target was ugg. But unfortunately they came with a hefty price and there were so many fakes online. So to play safe, I decided to settle with emu boots instead.

However, lolz, I realised that I have missed the most recent sales when the boots were actually sold for 38pounds! The cheapest offer I could get online was 55pounds :(

Then finally I came across this website which gave really good comparison on footwear sold by online retailers. I saw this pair of boots by Just Sheepskin which was sold for only 60pounds (reduced from 95) by Office! And they had my size ! After what seems like a thousand zillion years, I finally placed my order.

However, the price of the boots dropped a few days later to 50 pounds. Quite angry and disappointed because I felt cheated, I wrote them an email telling them that I wanted to cancel my order although I should have done that within 24 hours of ordering. They wrote to me back a week later telling me that (fortunately) there wasn't any stock available for the size 5 I wanted. I checked office website again and this time the boots was reduced to 35pounds! 35 from 95pounds! They had a size 6 available so I bought it although it was slightly bigger.

I know it might sound strange to some of you but I told God that if it is His will to let me have the boots then please let me have them. If not it's ok if I don't get them.

And I got the order invoice the very next day! Yipeeee!!! thank God!

Behold my comfy and warm boots...!!!

not ugg but me loveeeessss.

2. Hello Kitty bedroom slippers!

I like the fluffiness of it and the cuddly feeling as I put them on my feet. So nice and warm! Got them off Debenhams at a 70% discount which I thought was really worth the money.

Make me feel young and girly again lolz

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It snowed again last night after Esther and I shoveled the snow!

Tonight the weather is set to plunge to a -5c. Brrrr...

It was a very beautiful sight when I walked down the street outside my house. Everywhere was covered with snow, even houses rooftops too!(They look like the houses in Restaurant City during their winter 'festive' season lolz). Parkinson building looked so white when seen from afar. It was so so pretty! How marvelous and great God is to create something so pure and white :)

However, the trouble snow brings is nearly as bad as Msia. Many car breakdowns have been reported. Rail services were suspended, schools were closed and flights were delayed. It's a torture to defrost the car in the cold when one is rushing to work. Thank God that the shuttle bus to st James was still running despite the bad weather condition.

The ones perhaps who are the happiest during this time are "the school children who were told not to go in" and not forgetting AA who has received more business than usual due to breakdowns!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I went to Sainsbury today intending to buy a loaf of bread but came back with a shopping bag of snacks. But they r super yummy!! Kettle chips, the 'high-class' crisps as some people describe it, is my newly added favourite snack. Ready salted is the best flavour because I love plain crisps as opposed to the BBQ flavour, cheese & onion flavour or whatever flavour u can think of.

I'm starting to get scared of myself actually. Not at the fact that I buy snacks, but the way I scrutinize the food label whenever I buy snacks. It's not the price which bothers me but the calorie content or the fat content. I could remember the calorie content for almost each food item I have by heart - one piece of choc Mcvities is 84kcal, one piece of choc coated hobnobs is 93kcal and one piece of M&S nougat is 60kcal.

When I buy pork minced meat, I compare the calorie content in both morrisons and Sainsbury and concluded that I could get morrisons minced pork for the same price but with much lower fat content. I purposely walk that extra distance instead of using the free city bus to burn off as much energy as I can. I avoid eating Flames/mcdonald because I know these are fatty foods. My mind automatically tells me that one Big Mac is 500+kcal and one medium chips is 300+kcal which total to almost half of my GDA.

There are fears within me that I worry I would succumb to but for now I can safety say that I still love my food. How can I resist the temptations of not eating the food my sisters cook/bake? no worries :). True beauty is beyond the outward appearance.

okie dokies! Esther said to go out and shovel the snow. Yes it has snowed again! about 4 inches thick this time. This is the first time i hv seen such heavy snow in Leeds! ciaoz

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

I guess many Happy New Year posts are up now so I'd better write one quick before it's too late to post it.

This year New Year was slightly different from previous years. We used to have some 'watch night' thingy at one of the church leaders' house but he is not in Leeds now so we couldn't have it.

It was very quiet this New Year eve. And very laidback indeed. I remember my sisters and I were rushing with some 'specialty' dishes last year but this year we had a simple meal at home. Just the three of us.

The day (or night rather) started late with us waking up at 4.30pm (we have become nocturnal now :P) and just lazing around surfing the net/watching jdrama.

But we eventually pulled ourselves to cook in the freezing cold kitchen where we could actually breathe vapours out from the mouth. A humongous plate of baked rice (with goat cheese gratings, wanted to get rid of the goat cheese before it spoils), steamed chicken, stir-fry cucumber and broccoli, and a couple of leftovers from the night before were our New Year eve dishes.

It's good though because I think we needed a break from big dinners which we had for 5 consecutive nights.

**no pics available**

then I cleaned my table and re-arranged the things in my drawer until they looked pretty neat. for now.

I thought the night would end early with us going to bed finally but sometime through the night we heard the doorbell ring.

We thought it was someone playing a prank or sth but it turned out to be YK and a few others who just came back from the countdown in Millenium square. They asked whether we wanted to go over to their house to chill so we reluctantly agreed.

Ended up playing card game called heart attack with each of us getting pretty red hands after that and chit-chatting until 9.30am in the morning!!!!


I guess my plan to adjust my sleeping time failed miserably again. So that's how I spent my New Year eve. A 'good' start to the new year. heh. But at least I have got a clean table to study on now :)