Tuesday, January 12, 2010

of sheepskin boots, bedroom slippers and chilblains

I have this problem ever since last year during the cold winter -my toes would become very red and swollen whenever the temperature drops.

It's called chilblains as Esther told me.

The practical way to prevent it is to keep warm as much as possible.

So...I bought

1. Sheepskin boots

Yay, I finally received my sheepskin boots today! Hdhl has got quite an efficient service in texting me the approximate delivery of me boots and it arrived quite on time. Fortunately Lynda was at home to get them (TQ!)

I used to hate the looks of these boots especially when people wear them with skinny fit jeans. But people say, 'never say never' and I started to notice these boots sometime last year and realise, hey they are actually quite nice' and began to go crazy over them. Since I would be staying in UK for the next few years so why not invest in one good boots which will keep me warm during the winter.

The story of how this pair of boots came about was quite long. I have been doing some research online on sheepskin boots and my initial target was ugg. But unfortunately they came with a hefty price and there were so many fakes online. So to play safe, I decided to settle with emu boots instead.

However, lolz, I realised that I have missed the most recent sales when the boots were actually sold for 38pounds! The cheapest offer I could get online was 55pounds :(

Then finally I came across this website which gave really good comparison on footwear sold by online retailers. I saw this pair of boots by Just Sheepskin which was sold for only 60pounds (reduced from 95) by Office! And they had my size ! After what seems like a thousand zillion years, I finally placed my order.

However, the price of the boots dropped a few days later to 50 pounds. Quite angry and disappointed because I felt cheated, I wrote them an email telling them that I wanted to cancel my order although I should have done that within 24 hours of ordering. They wrote to me back a week later telling me that (fortunately) there wasn't any stock available for the size 5 I wanted. I checked office website again and this time the boots was reduced to 35pounds! 35 from 95pounds! They had a size 6 available so I bought it although it was slightly bigger.

I know it might sound strange to some of you but I told God that if it is His will to let me have the boots then please let me have them. If not it's ok if I don't get them.

And I got the order invoice the very next day! Yipeeee!!! thank God!

Behold my comfy and warm boots...!!!

not ugg but me loveeeessss.

2. Hello Kitty bedroom slippers!

I like the fluffiness of it and the cuddly feeling as I put them on my feet. So nice and warm! Got them off Debenhams at a 70% discount which I thought was really worth the money.

Make me feel young and girly again lolz


>.< said...

Nice Boots

Keep urself warm.

suituapui said...

Noted. Hopefully, my daughter does not have the same problem. I used to itch terribly with rashes all over my legs...when I went to a cold temperate country. Would be ok as soon as I get home...but when there, the itch could be killing!!!

Janice said...

suituapui: hmm, is it because your skin is dry that's why it's itchy? if your daughter has itchy legs when winter comes, then she would need one of these boots! Probably a moisturiser will be of help as well (with anti itch properties, E45 is quite good). These boots are seriously good.It kept my feet warm and toasty! I have absolutely no regrets buying them esp now when I have to travel to my placement early in the morning when it's very cold waiting for bus etc.