Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

I guess many Happy New Year posts are up now so I'd better write one quick before it's too late to post it.

This year New Year was slightly different from previous years. We used to have some 'watch night' thingy at one of the church leaders' house but he is not in Leeds now so we couldn't have it.

It was very quiet this New Year eve. And very laidback indeed. I remember my sisters and I were rushing with some 'specialty' dishes last year but this year we had a simple meal at home. Just the three of us.

The day (or night rather) started late with us waking up at 4.30pm (we have become nocturnal now :P) and just lazing around surfing the net/watching jdrama.

But we eventually pulled ourselves to cook in the freezing cold kitchen where we could actually breathe vapours out from the mouth. A humongous plate of baked rice (with goat cheese gratings, wanted to get rid of the goat cheese before it spoils), steamed chicken, stir-fry cucumber and broccoli, and a couple of leftovers from the night before were our New Year eve dishes.

It's good though because I think we needed a break from big dinners which we had for 5 consecutive nights.

**no pics available**

then I cleaned my table and re-arranged the things in my drawer until they looked pretty neat. for now.

I thought the night would end early with us going to bed finally but sometime through the night we heard the doorbell ring.

We thought it was someone playing a prank or sth but it turned out to be YK and a few others who just came back from the countdown in Millenium square. They asked whether we wanted to go over to their house to chill so we reluctantly agreed.

Ended up playing card game called heart attack with each of us getting pretty red hands after that and chit-chatting until 9.30am in the morning!!!!


I guess my plan to adjust my sleeping time failed miserably again. So that's how I spent my New Year eve. A 'good' start to the new year. heh. But at least I have got a clean table to study on now :)


William said...

Wah...I suppose you still haven't gone to sleep at this hour! ie, 6AM?

Ya, can see that your table is clean, ie, better than mine.

Gabriel said...

lol..haha...happy new year! nice table! hehehe...

Janice said...

daddy: hahah. nope! not plannign to sleep today so that i can adjust my time back to normal

gab: thanks! lots of bear bear. took me so long to clean just my table and rearranging everything on it