Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It snowed again last night after Esther and I shoveled the snow!

Tonight the weather is set to plunge to a -5c. Brrrr...

It was a very beautiful sight when I walked down the street outside my house. Everywhere was covered with snow, even houses rooftops too!(They look like the houses in Restaurant City during their winter 'festive' season lolz). Parkinson building looked so white when seen from afar. It was so so pretty! How marvelous and great God is to create something so pure and white :)

However, the trouble snow brings is nearly as bad as Msia. Many car breakdowns have been reported. Rail services were suspended, schools were closed and flights were delayed. It's a torture to defrost the car in the cold when one is rushing to work. Thank God that the shuttle bus to st James was still running despite the bad weather condition.

The ones perhaps who are the happiest during this time are "the school children who were told not to go in" and not forgetting AA who has received more business than usual due to breakdowns!


mil0chel said...

it's -7 here... COLD!!!!

Janice said...

Here it's -2 and it's freezing. i hv to wear 3 layers, long pants and socks at home. if -7..wa...cant imagine