Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I went to Sainsbury today intending to buy a loaf of bread but came back with a shopping bag of snacks. But they r super yummy!! Kettle chips, the 'high-class' crisps as some people describe it, is my newly added favourite snack. Ready salted is the best flavour because I love plain crisps as opposed to the BBQ flavour, cheese & onion flavour or whatever flavour u can think of.

I'm starting to get scared of myself actually. Not at the fact that I buy snacks, but the way I scrutinize the food label whenever I buy snacks. It's not the price which bothers me but the calorie content or the fat content. I could remember the calorie content for almost each food item I have by heart - one piece of choc Mcvities is 84kcal, one piece of choc coated hobnobs is 93kcal and one piece of M&S nougat is 60kcal.

When I buy pork minced meat, I compare the calorie content in both morrisons and Sainsbury and concluded that I could get morrisons minced pork for the same price but with much lower fat content. I purposely walk that extra distance instead of using the free city bus to burn off as much energy as I can. I avoid eating Flames/mcdonald because I know these are fatty foods. My mind automatically tells me that one Big Mac is 500+kcal and one medium chips is 300+kcal which total to almost half of my GDA.

There are fears within me that I worry I would succumb to but for now I can safety say that I still love my food. How can I resist the temptations of not eating the food my sisters cook/bake? hehe...so no worries :). True beauty is beyond the outward appearance.

okie dokies! Esther said to go out and shovel the snow. Yes it has snowed again! about 4 inches thick this time. This is the first time i hv seen such heavy snow in Leeds! ciaoz

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William said...

Wah...u remember all the calories! Now, I have to think twice before sinking my teeth into BigMac which is my favorite!
Saw my short medical report? oily food would soon be bye2 for me.