Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yesterday we had a 'house gathering' at Lucky Dragon after cell group.

Thanks to TW for footing the bill!

The food was really nice. Damn nice man...wa...and I ate until I was really full. But I have to eat watch my diet from now on so that I don't get fat.

Actually it's quite fun to have more than half of the house going to the same church but different cell groups. So usually after church or some gathering at someone's place, the whole Blandford Grove house gang will fill up a car.

Oh...Steph gave me an early birthday present!

chocolates from Marks & Spencer!

Thanks Stephanie! Now I hv to crack my head to think of what to buy for you for your birthday

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's autumn!

It's autumn and the weather is getting coooold...brrr...

dead leaves everywhere

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hari Raya Open House

Will just post pictures on this entry coz I have to finish assignment.


something interesting...

see that statue with a 'hat'? How on earth did it get up there? The person must have risked his life to put the 'hat' on top of it...thanks to Lynda for spotting this..hehe

Sunday, October 22, 2006

my castleford slideshow!

Damn funny survey...haha

Funny! Although the starting is a bit weird...but it's very funny when the lecturer starts talking about the survey his previous batch of students did

My personal favourite photos

Some of personal favourite photos:

Trying to imitate the fairy..haha

I've laid an egg!

Oh no...*gasp* what is that?

I own a helicopter! *gasp*


PS: It was quite paiseh to take all these photos..especially the one taken at the cinema coz there were many people staring at me and giggling...haha..but it was fun anyways

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Castleford trip

After 1 month in Leeds, I've finally got the chance to get out of Leeds and go somewhere!

Today me, steph, Lynda and quite a number of MASSOC (M'sia and S'pore Society) members went to Castleford! (It's a place renowned for its shoppings and indoor activities)

We had a great time there.

We were pretty enthusiastic at the start of the trip. Such a trip to Castleford would have been wasted and my blog wouldn't have been so interestingif I hadn't taken any pictures. So me and Lynda took lots of pictures at the start.

At the train station:

Lynda and Sing Yee (my coursemate)

At Castleford:
on the predestrian bridge

In Junction 32 (where all the shops are):
The guy in blue beside and the girl in red are two S'poreans exchange students.

Taken with Mickey Mouse (duh)

in front of Cadbury's halloween promotion!

But then...our stomach grew hungry and we decided to eat at KFC:
The cheapest meal I could find at KFC...not worth it but anyways...

After eating, we went to Xscape - the indoor activities complex which had iceboarding and rock climbing:
on our way there...(that's Sing Yee, William and Steph from the left)

I'm the ruler of the no...Xscape..wuahhahahaha...

Steph and I in front of Xscape

In Xscape:

The Aerial Assault on top the roof

Rock climbing

Snowslope, but all these activities are too expensive to play :(

we met a very friendly British lady

big bat man! (another batman was trying to scratch my head with his craws..haha)

Outside Xscape:

After that we went back to Junctionx32 to continue our 'adventure'..but this time with another new mission...




We ended up...
Shopping! (not all belong to me..haha)

We spent the rest of the day...


and walking,

and also walking...

So by the end of the day, we were tired...
I wana go home!

We missed the train by 10 minutes and had to wait for 1 hour plus for the next train. By the time we reached home, it was already 8pm. We left house at 9am and reached home at 8pm...that's 11hours!

Back at the train station:

Steph of course saved all the time she had...she was studying as we were waiting for the train:

It was a great trip and I was sort of influenced by Lynda's craziness and started posing some crazy pose for the photos...but it was fun and no one will remember our faces anyways...

signing off,
Castleford is fun! But have to sink back to reality...assignments to do!

PS: next personal favourite photos!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

After 1 month in Leeds, I feel kinda happy that I'm here.

I would have prefered to go Nottingham coz it will be a whole new place there and I can learn to be independent. Leeds is less famous and looks kinda dull. Sometimes I wonder whether I've made the right choice to reject Nottingham and comes to Leeds or not.

But after talking to some of my friends, I realised that they too had let go of some pretty good unis and had come to Leeds instead. My Malay guy coursemate got Bristol but rejected it coz he said the living cost in Bristol is the second most expensive after London and JPA don't give them extra money for that. Another malay girl got Manchester but dropped it coz she didn't like PBL there. The Singaporean guy got Edinburgh (walaueh...this uni damn hard to get ler...) but rejected it coz he said it's too expensive to study there. Glad that they chose to come to Leeds coz it's really fun to have quite a small community of Asians in Leeds. At least I won't feel as lonely as my room mate who only has 2 fellow M'sians to hang out with.

signing off,
enjoying life in Leeds in spite of tons of homework

Friday, October 13, 2006

busy busy busy...

will be very busy this weekend.

Got quite a lot of things to do:

  • write report on the welcome night
  • find information on my SSC
  • collect information on my ADME drug - tetracycoline
  • finish my lab report
  • revise my whole week's lecture
  • do tutorial for next week week my tutor will be giving us details for another project presentation for Dec and there will be a lab assessment on the coming Thurs. So much things to do ar....argh...

PS: I've finally got my bank account number and have registered with the uni! Got my student id too! Yay...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Let my lifesong sing....nice song

haha...managed to find this song on youtube when I was looking for the link for the background music for my blog.

Welcome Night!

The welcome night has finally ended!


Lynda and I helped out in the registration. We just asked newcomers to fill up their details on a piece of paper and write their names on a sticky tag to stick on their clothing.

I was really glad and relieved that the two person who I invited came to the welcome night! I thought they wouldn't be coming coz one of them didn't reply my msg until when the very last minute he replied 'yup' and when I read it he was already at the chaplaincy. The other one didn't really give a definite answer but he came anyways. Thank God they came!

Lynda and I helped out with the registration until almost 7.30pm. We missed the talk and the games but fortunately didn't miss the sketch and the part where TW and Lizzie sang. But pity that I didn't manage to listen to half of Wee Leon's sermon as I went to toilet (in another room) and got myself stuck in the 'dining' room ( it was actually a meeting room where all the cell groups meet but was transformed to a 'dining' room that night).

The food was ok. I was famished and had two helpings..haha...

people helping out to scoop the rice, vege etc into the plate

I talked to Ryle when I was in the 'dining' room and he saw me holding my camera. He sort of examined it and said my camera is a good glad to hear that. Then he asked which mode do I usually use when I take pictures, when I told him the 'auto' mode, he was like 'aiya, what a pity...' haiz...looks like me need to read up the manual book to fully utilize the features in my camera.

I think the welcome night went quite well. The eating part was the most important part of the event. It's really a time of fellowship and getting to know one another. I think the mingling was quite good as no one felt left-out and it was really great seeing people coming together and talk. ANd I truly agree with Paul when he said when in M'sia, we get to choose friends, but when in UK, there are so few people from our country and like it or not, we have to have them as our friends. During the fellowship time, I er...didn't get to talk to many people...haha..talked to my M'sian coursemate as he was quite lonely and I saw steph talking to him! He didn't know Steph is my sister but instead thought Lynda is my sister as we look kinda alike (do we?). Steph's looks is like completely different from mine. Everyone thinks like that.

I managed to record the part where TW and Lizzy sang. But unfortunately, my camera memory card was slow and it stopped after recording for 1 minute. So I had to record 3 separate parts of the song. I wanted to combine all 3 parts into a single video clip but my video file extension is MOV which cannot be opened by windows movie maker and I looked up the internet and found that I've to download certain software to convert MOV to other formats. So had to upload 3 separate parts on youtube.

btw, TW's singing is quite good (Lizzy's singing also good la)...hehe...

First part:

second part:

third part: (finally! uploaded it after stephanie's consistent pestering)

Friday, October 06, 2006

yay...i've got my payslip!

and I wasn't taxed at all!

Praise the Lord! I've earned 126.25 quids for working for 3 weeks. My first week wasn't counted as Steph told me that the first week is a deposit and it will be returned if I quit the job.