Saturday, October 07, 2006

Welcome Night!

The welcome night has finally ended!


Lynda and I helped out in the registration. We just asked newcomers to fill up their details on a piece of paper and write their names on a sticky tag to stick on their clothing.

I was really glad and relieved that the two person who I invited came to the welcome night! I thought they wouldn't be coming coz one of them didn't reply my msg until when the very last minute he replied 'yup' and when I read it he was already at the chaplaincy. The other one didn't really give a definite answer but he came anyways. Thank God they came!

Lynda and I helped out with the registration until almost 7.30pm. We missed the talk and the games but fortunately didn't miss the sketch and the part where TW and Lizzie sang. But pity that I didn't manage to listen to half of Wee Leon's sermon as I went to toilet (in another room) and got myself stuck in the 'dining' room ( it was actually a meeting room where all the cell groups meet but was transformed to a 'dining' room that night).

The food was ok. I was famished and had two helpings..haha...

people helping out to scoop the rice, vege etc into the plate

I talked to Ryle when I was in the 'dining' room and he saw me holding my camera. He sort of examined it and said my camera is a good glad to hear that. Then he asked which mode do I usually use when I take pictures, when I told him the 'auto' mode, he was like 'aiya, what a pity...' haiz...looks like me need to read up the manual book to fully utilize the features in my camera.

I think the welcome night went quite well. The eating part was the most important part of the event. It's really a time of fellowship and getting to know one another. I think the mingling was quite good as no one felt left-out and it was really great seeing people coming together and talk. ANd I truly agree with Paul when he said when in M'sia, we get to choose friends, but when in UK, there are so few people from our country and like it or not, we have to have them as our friends. During the fellowship time, I er...didn't get to talk to many people...haha..talked to my M'sian coursemate as he was quite lonely and I saw steph talking to him! He didn't know Steph is my sister but instead thought Lynda is my sister as we look kinda alike (do we?). Steph's looks is like completely different from mine. Everyone thinks like that.

I managed to record the part where TW and Lizzy sang. But unfortunately, my camera memory card was slow and it stopped after recording for 1 minute. So I had to record 3 separate parts of the song. I wanted to combine all 3 parts into a single video clip but my video file extension is MOV which cannot be opened by windows movie maker and I looked up the internet and found that I've to download certain software to convert MOV to other formats. So had to upload 3 separate parts on youtube.

btw, TW's singing is quite good (Lizzy's singing also good la)...hehe...

First part:

second part:

third part: (finally! uploaded it after stephanie's consistent pestering)

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