Saturday, October 21, 2006

Castleford trip

After 1 month in Leeds, I've finally got the chance to get out of Leeds and go somewhere!

Today me, steph, Lynda and quite a number of MASSOC (M'sia and S'pore Society) members went to Castleford! (It's a place renowned for its shoppings and indoor activities)

We had a great time there.

We were pretty enthusiastic at the start of the trip. Such a trip to Castleford would have been wasted and my blog wouldn't have been so interestingif I hadn't taken any pictures. So me and Lynda took lots of pictures at the start.

At the train station:

Lynda and Sing Yee (my coursemate)

At Castleford:
on the predestrian bridge

In Junction 32 (where all the shops are):
The guy in blue beside and the girl in red are two S'poreans exchange students.

Taken with Mickey Mouse (duh)

in front of Cadbury's halloween promotion!

But then...our stomach grew hungry and we decided to eat at KFC:
The cheapest meal I could find at KFC...not worth it but anyways...

After eating, we went to Xscape - the indoor activities complex which had iceboarding and rock climbing:
on our way there...(that's Sing Yee, William and Steph from the left)

I'm the ruler of the no...Xscape..wuahhahahaha...

Steph and I in front of Xscape

In Xscape:

The Aerial Assault on top the roof

Rock climbing

Snowslope, but all these activities are too expensive to play :(

we met a very friendly British lady

big bat man! (another batman was trying to scratch my head with his craws..haha)

Outside Xscape:

After that we went back to Junctionx32 to continue our 'adventure'..but this time with another new mission...




We ended up...
Shopping! (not all belong to me..haha)

We spent the rest of the day...


and walking,

and also walking...

So by the end of the day, we were tired...
I wana go home!

We missed the train by 10 minutes and had to wait for 1 hour plus for the next train. By the time we reached home, it was already 8pm. We left house at 9am and reached home at 8pm...that's 11hours!

Back at the train station:

Steph of course saved all the time she had...she was studying as we were waiting for the train:

It was a great trip and I was sort of influenced by Lynda's craziness and started posing some crazy pose for the photos...but it was fun and no one will remember our faces anyways...

signing off,
Castleford is fun! But have to sink back to reality...assignments to do!

PS: next personal favourite photos!

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