Sunday, October 15, 2006

After 1 month in Leeds, I feel kinda happy that I'm here.

I would have prefered to go Nottingham coz it will be a whole new place there and I can learn to be independent. Leeds is less famous and looks kinda dull. Sometimes I wonder whether I've made the right choice to reject Nottingham and comes to Leeds or not.

But after talking to some of my friends, I realised that they too had let go of some pretty good unis and had come to Leeds instead. My Malay guy coursemate got Bristol but rejected it coz he said the living cost in Bristol is the second most expensive after London and JPA don't give them extra money for that. Another malay girl got Manchester but dropped it coz she didn't like PBL there. The Singaporean guy got Edinburgh (walaueh...this uni damn hard to get ler...) but rejected it coz he said it's too expensive to study there. Glad that they chose to come to Leeds coz it's really fun to have quite a small community of Asians in Leeds. At least I won't feel as lonely as my room mate who only has 2 fellow M'sians to hang out with.

signing off,
enjoying life in Leeds in spite of tons of homework

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