Thursday, July 26, 2007

summer time in Leeds

Staying back in Leeds during summer isn't bad at all. I get to do things which I've never done before (or never had the time to do before).

#1: building up friendships

As there are only a few people staying back during summer, outings and dinner are easier to organise and through all these, I've come to know people who I've have never talked to.

One example is this guy here: Yee aka 大鬼

forgive the blur pic. Sometimes I hate my camera phone.

I knew him by sight since last Sept but never really get to talk to him until this summer. I personally think that he is a great listener and confidant to share your problems with (我在讲事实, 并不是在拍你马屁. 哈哈)

dinner with friends:

actually I like this pic very much

#2: knowing my housemates better

Two new housemates have just been added into 18 Blandford Grove just this July. Could it be God's plan that they stayed here? You see when Ting Feng moved in, Kit was just about to go and when Cheryl moved in, Serene just left on that day.

It's pretty nice having two mature housemates in the house as I get to learn from their experience and opinions and also go job-hunting with them.

Talking to Cheryl has made me see things in a different way esp parent-children relationships. I guess I just have to learn to take things lightly.

I have to admit that my relationships with housemates have never been good. In KL during my A levels, I seldom talk to my housemates and I'm amazed at how I managed to survive living with people in the same house and not talking to them. But somehow, staying back during summer in Blandford Grove have allowed me to know my housemates better.

#3: exploring places in UK

I'm yet to explore new places in UK and people have told me that summer time is the best time to travel.

So far I've been to Ikea.
it's almost similar to the one at The Curve

Steph had been to Phent-y-Ghere:

does this picture reminds u uncannily of something familiar? haha...guess... It's the Tugu Negara!

#4: gaining job experience

Since the main purpose for summer holidays is for students to do internship (as quoted from Benny), so by right we should gain some work experience during holidays.

I'm still trying to get as much work experience as I can and if possible work different jobs in various settings.

#5: learning new skills

yup. Holidays must be used fully to develop new skills. In UK, life is so bored that you must do something to entertain yourself. I think I won't be able to do all these things in M'sia as I would definitely be distracted by other things.

So, I learnt a bit of sushi-making:

but still suck at it..

did a little bit of adobe photoshop so I could draw a rabbit or a mouse on it.

learnt how to write better CV through many job application forms. I had to keep re-printing my CV to produce a better one.

#6 dressing up!

haha...somehow I got infected with 'Cheryl's bug' to dress up more femininely.

that day she tried a few hairstyles on me...haha

you think I should leave a fringe?

#7: grow in maturity

There are a few books which include Harry Potter, thanks to Lynda for sending the electronic copy...will TRY to read it..haha which I'm going to read which will give me some insights on certain issues.

Also I would like to spend this summer deepening my relationship with God. Am trying to read God's word more and have daily devotion with Him.

Talking and sharing my problems with people have also been great time and I have come to realise the importance of opening up to people so that we could encourage each other when difficulties arise. Thanks people =)

last but not least...

#8: playing sports

Being someone who have never played much sports until A levels, summer time is a great time for me to sharpen my skills in sports. Besides, I also get to shed off those fats gained during winter.

So far I've only played badminton:

I did a bit of jogging too.


I used to be filled with sadness and envy as I watched my friends leaving UK one by one. But now, I think staying back is quite fun and worthwhile and I believe that all the things which I'm experiencing now will make me a more mature, confident and wiser person.

Thank You people who have made my summer time (up till now) so enjoyable.

And most important of all, thank You Lord.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

display pic

my newest display pic:

thanks to NH for making it! yay

Harry Potter

7 years...

Since I was first introduced to its first book, it had been 7 long years for the the final 7th Harry Potter to come out.

I passed by a local bookstore here and its shop window read, 'Come 12.01am 21st July to hang ur cloak for the last time.'

Somehow when I read it, I feel sad for those avid HP fans. It means that there won't be anymore HP books to look forward to in the years to come. It's like after watching a 20-episode series on tv, one-hour everyday, 5 days a week. Everyday all u look forward to is to watch what happens next in the episode. And when the 20 episodes finally ended, u will feel the sense of emptiness, as if u hv been devoid of sth important in ur life.

Well, I think that's how most HP fans will feel. I dunno.

anyways, I haven't read the 7th book yet. It cost 8.99 pounds here (u can buy it for 6.99 pounds at Woolworth if u spend 10 pounds and above) and in M'sia, the cheapest u can get is RM69.90. UK is still cheaper =).

Well, it's only 1.5 hours worth of work to buy one book (but in M'sia, I have to work at least 20 hours to buy that book..haha), but I shall wait to borrow it from the library.

I think I can wait that long but one thing I hate is that people who have read the book have no mercy on those who haven't. They boast about how they feel abt the ending etc. Grrr...\

Come on la people, be considerate a bit!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy birthday!

23rd July is a date I cannot forget.

I cannot imagine the consequences of forgetting the date.

My fate might end up like this cheese:
So what is it that makes the day important?

It's the day Esther aka the mouse is born! wakakakaka

Happy birthday my dear sister Esther!

Hope u stay as pretty as ever and cheeky as ever?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

so disappointed

Went to morrisons for interview today.

But you know what, they offering me a cleaning job!!!!


so disappointed man

edited: the pay is 5.35 pounds for the first 35 weeks. 5.40 pounds thereafter. The shift they are offering me is 5-8pm ( i think). I dun think I got the job because they told me they would call me 4-5 days if I get it and I haven't heard from them. And even if I get it, I dun think I want it because the pay is still the same but the workload is harder.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


sorry no updates these days.

I'm busy applying for jobs now that I've got a job-hunting partner --> my new housemate, Benny.

my new collection of application forms

I'm quite sick of cleaning already. I wana try out other jobs to gain as much experience as I can.

Later going to job agency to register myself and tomorrow I've a job interview at Morrisons.

Wait to hear good news (hopefully) from me on the next blog entry =)

Friday, July 13, 2007


cute or not my display pic?

thick-face nyaaa...

lol. I've been going around online asking people this question. wahahaha...


Thursday, July 12, 2007

someone who I knew passed away last mon.

I'm not that close to him but I remember him as one who is a faithful and dedicated servant of God.

I remember him telling me, 'thanks for playing, Janice' after one of the church evening service which I never fail to play horribly.

Dunno why, but I always feel encouraged when people say 'thanks' after I do sth which I think I din do well. Saying, 'you were good!' when I myself think that I din do well has got no effect on me.

thanks for the encouragement uncle HW=)

and quote from Lyn, 'glad you have found ultimate peace in Him now'

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I feel blessed to live in 18 Blandford Grove.

Ever since Cheryl and Tim Feng moved in, we've been having big feast almost every night.

On one night, we had chicken rice:

Then on another night, we had Yorkshire pudding:

Then yesterday, we had friends coming over to eat dinner with us. Each of us cooked a dish each:

Tim Feng cooked a soup with seaweed in it which reminded Steph and I of the soup which daddy always cooked for us at home:

daddy remember to give Esther the ingredients to bring up to UK ooo...=)

I can feel myself getting fat already =(

I somehow enjoy the feeling of cooking together with housemates and contributing a dish each. It's not like one person doing the cooking and the rest just waiting to eat. Besides, like yesterday, we had Haagen Danz, Ben & Jerry's and M&S ice cream for dessert. Everyone took out the best they had to share with others.

I feel blessed to have housemates like these. Last whole week was a hectic week with me coming back late from work. I thought I had to cook my own meals but I really thank God that for the whole week, it was either Cheryl or Steph cooking dinner for the whole house. Perhaps there were fewer people in the house that time that's why it's easier to cook. Melvin and Tim Feng weren't around sometimes so it makes dinner preparation manageable.

But anyway, today was Serene last day in Blandford Grove so each of us cooked her a dish each:

one last dinner together

Bon voyage Serene!

edited: I also know that if I continue to eat like this I would definitely grow horizontally. So, I'm cautious enough to watch my diet and make sure that I do not overeat. Besides, the big meals cooked by others are only once in a while. It's NOT everyday. Most of the time we eat a small portion.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

cleaning finally over!

I've never felt so relieved in my life.

My cleaning job is finally over! hehe

But from next week onwards, my usual cleaning job shift will be extended to 7.5 hours per day. So, I will be working 37.5 hours per week, which is not too exhausting and also gives me time to look for other jobs.

cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...I'm starting to get very sick of it.

Both of my palms are very coarse now due to cleaning. I wore gloves everytime but my hands are getting very dry. I think I've to put moisturizer from now on to prevent it from getting worse.

oh no...they are soo wrinkled! my palms look like a 60-yr-old woman's!

Someone once told me that guys like to hold girls' hands which are smooth and soft.

so, NH...still dare to hold my hands or not?

Monday, July 02, 2007


Tired and lonely at work...

I'm so sick of cleaning.

But I must persevere....

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I din know cleaning also has its benefits too.


I got a bathroom mat, shower cream, shampoo, body shop cosmetic bag, 2 pillowcases, one bin, ikea tablelamp and 2 notice boards...hehe 满载而归

I got these back from work. The tenants of the house which I was cleaning wanted to throw the stuff . Since no one wanted them, so I must as well bring them back. Normally it's quite difficult to bring back stuff from work coz my other team mates also brought back stuff and there wasn't enough space in the car. But today was an exception coz one of my team mates was absent.

My job so far so good. I've already earned 129 pounds in two days! Another 8 more days to go...I must persevere!