Saturday, July 21, 2007

so disappointed

Went to morrisons for interview today.

But you know what, they offering me a cleaning job!!!!


so disappointed man

edited: the pay is 5.35 pounds for the first 35 weeks. 5.40 pounds thereafter. The shift they are offering me is 5-8pm ( i think). I dun think I got the job because they told me they would call me 4-5 days if I get it and I haven't heard from them. And even if I get it, I dun think I want it because the pay is still the same but the workload is harder.


Daddy said...

Did you accept the job? I think their cleaning job is harder. However, take this as the opportunity for entry to that company. Maybe you can then ask the supervisor for a change to other job in future.

Janice said...

they said they will inform me in 4-5 days time. But the working hours is clash with my current working hours.

Daddy said...

wow... you mean early in the morning? Or your other shift? I suppose you have told them of your current shift during the interview. Can you please assess it yourself - number of hours, type of cleaning job, etc. Perhaps you can ask/negotiate for alternative hours so that you have a "record" in the company. Then it makes your future job application easier. What is the pay like?