Thursday, July 26, 2007

summer time in Leeds

Staying back in Leeds during summer isn't bad at all. I get to do things which I've never done before (or never had the time to do before).

#1: building up friendships

As there are only a few people staying back during summer, outings and dinner are easier to organise and through all these, I've come to know people who I've have never talked to.

One example is this guy here: Yee aka 大鬼

forgive the blur pic. Sometimes I hate my camera phone.

I knew him by sight since last Sept but never really get to talk to him until this summer. I personally think that he is a great listener and confidant to share your problems with (我在讲事实, 并不是在拍你马屁. 哈哈)

dinner with friends:

actually I like this pic very much

#2: knowing my housemates better

Two new housemates have just been added into 18 Blandford Grove just this July. Could it be God's plan that they stayed here? You see when Ting Feng moved in, Kit was just about to go and when Cheryl moved in, Serene just left on that day.

It's pretty nice having two mature housemates in the house as I get to learn from their experience and opinions and also go job-hunting with them.

Talking to Cheryl has made me see things in a different way esp parent-children relationships. I guess I just have to learn to take things lightly.

I have to admit that my relationships with housemates have never been good. In KL during my A levels, I seldom talk to my housemates and I'm amazed at how I managed to survive living with people in the same house and not talking to them. But somehow, staying back during summer in Blandford Grove have allowed me to know my housemates better.

#3: exploring places in UK

I'm yet to explore new places in UK and people have told me that summer time is the best time to travel.

So far I've been to Ikea.
it's almost similar to the one at The Curve

Steph had been to Phent-y-Ghere:

does this picture reminds u uncannily of something familiar? haha...guess... It's the Tugu Negara!

#4: gaining job experience

Since the main purpose for summer holidays is for students to do internship (as quoted from Benny), so by right we should gain some work experience during holidays.

I'm still trying to get as much work experience as I can and if possible work different jobs in various settings.

#5: learning new skills

yup. Holidays must be used fully to develop new skills. In UK, life is so bored that you must do something to entertain yourself. I think I won't be able to do all these things in M'sia as I would definitely be distracted by other things.

So, I learnt a bit of sushi-making:

but still suck at it..

did a little bit of adobe photoshop so I could draw a rabbit or a mouse on it.

learnt how to write better CV through many job application forms. I had to keep re-printing my CV to produce a better one.

#6 dressing up!

haha...somehow I got infected with 'Cheryl's bug' to dress up more femininely.

that day she tried a few hairstyles on me...haha

you think I should leave a fringe?

#7: grow in maturity

There are a few books which include Harry Potter, thanks to Lynda for sending the electronic copy...will TRY to read it..haha which I'm going to read which will give me some insights on certain issues.

Also I would like to spend this summer deepening my relationship with God. Am trying to read God's word more and have daily devotion with Him.

Talking and sharing my problems with people have also been great time and I have come to realise the importance of opening up to people so that we could encourage each other when difficulties arise. Thanks people =)

last but not least...

#8: playing sports

Being someone who have never played much sports until A levels, summer time is a great time for me to sharpen my skills in sports. Besides, I also get to shed off those fats gained during winter.

So far I've only played badminton:

I did a bit of jogging too.


I used to be filled with sadness and envy as I watched my friends leaving UK one by one. But now, I think staying back is quite fun and worthwhile and I believe that all the things which I'm experiencing now will make me a more mature, confident and wiser person.

Thank You people who have made my summer time (up till now) so enjoyable.

And most important of all, thank You Lord.


Daddy said...

... and thank you parents for not allowing me to go home. haha.

ok. Parents lived in UK long enough and have, over the years saw lots of things. We know that summer is the most enjoyable time. It is a time that you have so much freedom to make your life more colourful or dull. As for us, we worked in restaurant, farm, factories, etc. We learned a great deal about the English culture and learned to appreciate their style. This is also a time to travel around and enjoy summer which you would otherwise missed. Coming home... well, you have lived here for 18 years and you have the comfort zone; in UK you are thrown into the unknown and the initial discomfort will eventually come to pass. After 2 summers, you will then truly appreciate and enjoy.

I am happy that you open up, learn to communicate with others. Perhaps enjoy the companies of many others whom you would have never known. This is part of growing up and grown in maturity. Keep the word of God, meditate on it all the time and ask for wisdom at all time when you cannot understand or need to understand.

haha... perhaps it is time for you to write testimony for me again in my friendster.
God bless.

Daddy said...

Photoshop (PS)... some tricks for you.

If you find that your photos lack contrast, vividness, or dull, try doing some correction in PS.

Drag and drop the photo into PS.
Goto Image=>Adjustments.
Under here, I find "Auto level" being most useful, Curve, Level... (slide the bar, and see the effect). Just try some of the other features under "Adjustments" and you will be surprised.

will said...

i am william. but william ngu. hey, really glad to hear that you are really living life to the full. A wonderful reflection on your part too. keep it up and keep building urself up!