Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I feel blessed to live in 18 Blandford Grove.

Ever since Cheryl and Tim Feng moved in, we've been having big feast almost every night.

On one night, we had chicken rice:

Then on another night, we had Yorkshire pudding:

Then yesterday, we had friends coming over to eat dinner with us. Each of us cooked a dish each:

Tim Feng cooked a soup with seaweed in it which reminded Steph and I of the soup which daddy always cooked for us at home:

daddy remember to give Esther the ingredients to bring up to UK ooo...=)

I can feel myself getting fat already =(

I somehow enjoy the feeling of cooking together with housemates and contributing a dish each. It's not like one person doing the cooking and the rest just waiting to eat. Besides, like yesterday, we had Haagen Danz, Ben & Jerry's and M&S ice cream for dessert. Everyone took out the best they had to share with others.

I feel blessed to have housemates like these. Last whole week was a hectic week with me coming back late from work. I thought I had to cook my own meals but I really thank God that for the whole week, it was either Cheryl or Steph cooking dinner for the whole house. Perhaps there were fewer people in the house that time that's why it's easier to cook. Melvin and Tim Feng weren't around sometimes so it makes dinner preparation manageable.

But anyway, today was Serene last day in Blandford Grove so each of us cooked her a dish each:

one last dinner together

Bon voyage Serene!

edited: I also know that if I continue to eat like this I would definitely grow horizontally. So, I'm cautious enough to watch my diet and make sure that I do not overeat. Besides, the big meals cooked by others are only once in a while. It's NOT everyday. Most of the time we eat a small portion.

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