Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter

7 years...

Since I was first introduced to its first book, it had been 7 long years for the the final 7th Harry Potter to come out.

I passed by a local bookstore here and its shop window read, 'Come 12.01am 21st July to hang ur cloak for the last time.'

Somehow when I read it, I feel sad for those avid HP fans. It means that there won't be anymore HP books to look forward to in the years to come. It's like after watching a 20-episode series on tv, one-hour everyday, 5 days a week. Everyday all u look forward to is to watch what happens next in the episode. And when the 20 episodes finally ended, u will feel the sense of emptiness, as if u hv been devoid of sth important in ur life.

Well, I think that's how most HP fans will feel. I dunno.

anyways, I haven't read the 7th book yet. It cost 8.99 pounds here (u can buy it for 6.99 pounds at Woolworth if u spend 10 pounds and above) and in M'sia, the cheapest u can get is RM69.90. UK is still cheaper =).

Well, it's only 1.5 hours worth of work to buy one book (but in M'sia, I have to work at least 20 hours to buy that book..haha), but I shall wait to borrow it from the library.

I think I can wait that long but one thing I hate is that people who have read the book have no mercy on those who haven't. They boast about how they feel abt the ending etc. Grrr...\

Come on la people, be considerate a bit!

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