Sunday, December 30, 2007

I suddenly realised that I haven't responded to Lynda's tag:

8 Random Facts

Rules & regulations.
1) Each person tagged must post these rules.
2) They must post 8 random facts about themselves. (walaueh, 8 random facts a lot lerrrr)
3) When I say random, I mean R-A-N-D-O-M.
4) You'll have to elaborate about the facts.
5) The blogger shall then tag 8 of their pitiful friends.

A. I love to sleep

Yeah. I love sleeping. I sleep whenever I have any free time. I find sleep the most precious thing especially when work and uni become hectic. During holidays I sleep a lot. But it seems like I haven't been sleeping enough this holiday. I somehow become easily irritable when I'm sleep deprived.

B. my face is crooked

I only realised this fact last year in 2006 during one of my braces check-up with my dentist. At first I was puzzled why the dentist was trying to do with my jaw by asking me to open and close it. Then she told me to bite a ruler and instead of the ruler being parallel to the ground, mine was slanted to one side. This is because 'I have assymetrical jaw' the dentist said.

People told me that they can't see anything wrong with my face. But if you look into the mirror when I'm looking at it, you will see the obvious difference. I wonder why.

C. I am easily irritated

Maybe it's the 'monthly thing' which makes me moody. But I get easily irritated whenever things don't go my way. I feel very irritated when I'm concentrating in doing something and someone trying to take my attention away. For instance, when I am chatting with friends and someone is trying to tell me what happened to him/her during the day. Or when I am studying and someone is asking me to help him/her with something. I get extremely heart will be screaming 'Can't they see that I am busy???'. On some lucky days, I might help them but if not, I will just ignore them. I reply people in short sentences. I prefer to be left alone and wallow in self-p

D. On MSN, I prefer to chat with people one at a time

I don't like chatting with more than 2 people at the same time. If more than two, I can't focus on the conversation and it will get all messed up. I will be replying haphazardly. Replying people's questions without much thought. And if someone happens to talk to me when I'm busy replying >2 msn conversations, I will be confused.

E. I used to like baking

Yeah. I USED to like baking. I used to be the only one baking at home after daddy but it seems like Steph and Esther have overtaken me. At home I've got the machine and the great oven to do my baking. But too bad the ingredients were limited to try out exotic recipes. Here, although there is no machine, the ingredients can easily be obtained. Even then, financial means always pull me down. But the main reason is because I'm lazy. Lazy. Lazy. My friend told me I am so fond of laziness. Like what I said, I always sleep when I'm free. So I can never bake things.

F. I am scared of being scolded by people

I'm terribly scared of being scolded by people. So everytime whenever I do something or ask something, I am always careful to think thousand times to make sure that I do not do/ask stupid questions which will infuriate the other. But it seems like the more careful I am, the more times I get scolded. Hmm..maybe on my face is written '欠骂'. Haha. But I feel upset and low in self esteem whenever I am being scolded especially by loved ones.

(two more questions to go...!! wheeee)

G. I like eating chocolates + haribos (but not the ones with sugar coating)

I absolutely love chocolates. Thorntons, Lindt and Ferrero are my favourites brand. I can eat them non-stop until i feel guilty. These days I feel in love with a n kind of sweet called haribos (the gummy ones) as I find it not too sweet. It gives me energy to cycle to and fro from work.

H. I am a cry baby

In arguments, I am always the first to cry. I hate that. I hate it coz of some unknown reason my tears just keep falling. and my voice become so shaky my words become incoherent. I can't think straight when I cry. I cry when I'm mistreated (but I guess all girls are like that) or when I feel so stressed out. I cry when I think no one understands me. Haiz. How to become tough woman in tough situation? How to grow up if I don't change this habit. Big girls don't cry.

nah..don't think I wana tag 8 people coz I don't have enough friends to tag ma..haha

I wonder how my colleagues could manage it. They could work 70+ hours a week.

And I'm only working 20+ hours per week and my body is starting to break down.

I feel that 24 hours per day isn't enough. I just need more rest! More sleep!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

seems like RM gets not only one santamail but tons of them each year.

answer to what RM do with them:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

During the Christmas month in RM, once in a while I get this:


First time seeing this, I find it hilarious.

But this is not the only one I saw, I actually saw a few letters addressed to santa in North Pole.

Kids are innocent people aren't they?

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy birthday dear jon jon!

Happy birthday to my brother Jon Jon!

I made a cheesecake specially for you...

but pity you are not in UK...

So I ate it them all for you..

yum yum

Happy belated birthday Jon. So nice of me to write a blog entry and make a cheesecake for you. Can't find another sister like me anywhere already.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I like cycling back at night. It's very serene and peaceful.

I cannot believe that I'm here in UK cycling on the road. Reverse back 5 years ago, I didn't even dare to cycle on the main road for fear that I might get hit down by a car.

But now, cycling is the only cheapest way I can commute to my workplace...

and it help me keep fit too =)

SSC 2.2 - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chinese cooking, chinese diagnostics

This SSC is the easiest and the most relaxing one I have ever done so far.

Although the 10-day course is quite intense with an average of 4 hours each day, the final write-up report was quite easy to tackle as it was a reflective log, ie we do not need to find reference.

TCM + Chinese diagnostics:

We had hands-on on acupuncture:

it may look like the needle is directly piercing the eyeball but actually it's not

I performed acupuncture for Esther on this and I actually poked the needle at the wrong place, causing Esther to yell in pain

cupping. We just watched how it was performed. No hands-on

We learned a little bit of tongue diagnosis. According to the doctor, my tongue coating is uneven, which means that I have irregular eating time causing my digestive system to not function properly.

Chinese cooking

we went all the way to Lynn High School in Warrington (outskirts of Manchester) to learn cooking just because there were enough cooking facilities there.

It was cool visiting a High school. It was so different from the ones in M'sia. Everything is so well equipped in the high school. The labs, the classrooms, the canteen and the kitchen were so cool.

Chinese cooking was easy! Haha. But the ang mo seemed so amazed and awed as they watched the lecturer cooking. They were jotting notes as the lecturer was cooking away.

After one whole day at the high school, everyone was tired.

I find TCM an interesting subject but a little complicated with those yin and yang and those meridian points which are abstract. It's different from Western medicine which we can touch and see.

So relieved and happy to pass up my reflective essay last Friday. We were supposed to write 200 words each day but I didn't and ended up rushing with last minute work.

For now...I'm going to make full use of my 2.5 weeks Christmas holiday. Wana learn new skills..hehe

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Got 17 pounds worth of first class stamps from Royal Mail today...

Christmas stamps for all RM employees


Saturday, November 17, 2007

messy room

I finally couldn't stand it...

My room was too messy and I told myself that I only have to endure for 2 more weeks when I would have the time to clean the room.

But I just couldn't stand it.

clothes are strewn everywhere...

and the floor is scattered with stuff until I can't even walk through...

I can't believe that I'm actually staying in such a room.

But anyway, I spent 2+ hours throwing away useless stuff, stowing away unused things and food under the bed and vacuuming the floor.

The room looked a lot better now but still quite messy as there are 3 people staying in a room so the room will definitely be cramped with stuff.

But I'm glad that I can finally see the floor..hehe

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who wants to be a microbiologist?

*taken during lecture time*

sweat sweat


Saturday, November 03, 2007

thank you!!!

Thank you to those who wished/celebrated my birthday with me.

I feel so blessed and being loved. Thanks everyone.

I din get many presents this year, but it doesn't matter. Well, to me, I dun find getting presents that exciting and interesting anymore. Some people just give for the sake of giving without actually thinking deeply whether the person would like it or not. So it's better if I don't receive anything at all than getting loads of presents which I don't like.

However, some people gave much thought about a perfect birthday gift for me. I really appreciate it. Must have cracked your head to think of one eh?

Esther gave me a paper-wrapped birthday gift at 2am in the morning.

I took a snift at it, smelt smell-less. Thought it was some chocolate tube but it was too short and a little bumpy. In the end I gave up because I couldn't guess it correctly. So I peeled off the paper wrapper and lo and behold....

'wabbit food' (as quoted from Esther). so thoughtful of you Esther -.-"

yeah. That was just a joke. She gave me a book titled 'wild swans'. Will read it one day when I hv time

birthday pressies...

The birthday cards which I got were cute! one was chosen by Esther with a rabbit and a mouse in front. What a coincidence!

I've got a life application study bible (thanks so much!!), a box of choc (actually two, one from Steph but I finished eating it already..haha) from my cg, a bear bear plus book from Lizzie and Vince and wild swans from Esther. Thank you all so much!

Also special thanks to Benny my housemate for the little surprise which I got. Haha.

I was working as usual at my workplace - sorting mails, when I suddenly heard the intercom announcing,

"we would like to wish happy birthday to Miss Ting Janice. Happy birthday to her."

As if once isn't enough. It was announced twice!

I was like, 'what the...? How did they know my birthday???' and I was smiling and my face was turning hot. U guys who know me can imagine how I am like when my name was announced. I was basically trying to hide my face and hoping that there was a tunnel I could jump into. I guess some people in Royal Mail who dun know me must be wondering why I'm smiling at myself and my face beetroot red.

No one wished me happy birthday after that, I guess it was either they were too concentrated with their work or they dun know my name.

Nevertheless it was sweet tho I can say that I'm a little embarrassed when I heard my name being announced.

I celebrated my birthday with church friends at Sing Kee (Oriental City) restaurant. It was nice really eating with a bunch of people. I saw Vincent (my ex cg leader) doing some kind of sign language with Ken at another table. I thought they were doing some normal conversation talk and didn't care about it. But suddenly, the birthday song erupted in the restaurant and people started singing happy birthday to was so sweet.

This year birthday is by far the best and the most meaningful. I was basically the whole night when I was working up to the time I'm writing this blog post. Thanks to those who have put in a lot of effort to make it the happiest birthday for know who you are.

I really appreciate it =)

edited: I forgot to include a Ben's and Jerry's ice cream tube given by Melvin. Didn't know it was sitting in my freezer since Friday as I hvnt checked my freezer for a long time. Thanks Melvin!

Today (6th Nov) I received a mail from one of my friends in Kent --> Wei Lun. Thanks for the ginseng tablets! But like you said, I'm not sure whether I will eat it or not.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

getting busy

7 signs to show that I'm getting stressed and busy.

1. when my table becomes messy

and my bed becomes unkempt

2. When my fridge slot becomes empty (as compared to the one below) because I don't have time to go shopping

3. When I start to blog

4. When I could finish one box of chocolates in one day

5. When I cycled instead of walking to uni because I wanted to get home fast

6. When I turned on itunes and start listening to soothing songs

7. When I find myself going online often instead of appearing offline

Sunday, October 28, 2007

struggling to do my SSC

one week left and I've only written 2000 words =(

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's weird that during summer holidays I don't update my blog as much as I do during term time.

Perhaps blogging is a way for me to release my stress :)

My 3000 words SSC is due Friday 2nd Nov and I've only done less than a hundred words. Lots of anatomy work & lectures to catch up as well :(

Monday, October 15, 2007

Currently listening to...


I love instrumental songs

I've finally got the songs from Esther's hard disk after one month she arrived at UK. The songs remind me of the songs I usually listen in a chinese restaurant here in Leeds (what a dodgy place to listen to songs ..haha). Soft and soothing songs. I love them.

Thanks mum for buying the cds!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

on hiatus

I wish I could lie-in until anytime I want everyday

Finally weekend has arrived and I'm free from uni and work for two days!

Time for a break from everything

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

on strike!

Last week Thursday and Friday and this week Monday I was exceptionally free coz RM was on strike!

Actually the strike lasted for 4 days (which is Thurs, Fri, Mon and Tues) but I went to work yesterday coz my class finished early and I also need some money to feed myself.

First time experiencing a strike as I don't see it often in M'sia and usually the union president get thrown into ISA for planning the strike. But here, nothing happens to the union president (and the workers as well).

Well, it's mainly of the pay dispute and the modernisation of RM (RM going to introduce some machines which might cause some ppl to lose jobs) that caused the strike. I heard that the dispute is not settled yet and there will be another strike going on on 16th Oct.

Yesterday when I went to work, I had to sit in the specially arranged van with its windows covered up to prevent the pickets at the RM entrance from seeing us.

there was only a hole through the driver's seat where I can peek through

outside view of the van. Sorry for the blur pic

My housemate who is also working in RM told me that on the first day of the strike, he had to squad in the back of the van and it was pitch-black. ''It's as if we are illegal immigrants (难民)", he said.

One of my colleagues wanted to work last Thursday but had to return home as the pickets at the RM entrance didn't allow her to enter the building. They even blocked the bus route which goes to RM! So the bus have to use another route. Yesterday when we entered through the entrance, I could hear some people whistling, protesting us from entering RM.

It was rather chaotic in RM. All the classes of the letters were mixed up. It makes no difference whether you are using first class mail (which of coz delivers faster) or second class mail.

I pity those people who paid more but got their letters delivered at the same time as the people who paid less

RM was so quiet for the first time

Quiet but not empty as there were loads of trolleys overloaded with mails.

It means tons of work for us today when work resume.

I don't see any relevance in the strike really. I think the pay in RM is quite high already and the company is treating its workers well. Compared to the previous company which I worked at, I didn't even get a pay rise after working for one year there!

Shouldn't we be satisfied with what we have already?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Summer hols have ended.

School have started.

People are back from their hols. I start seeing familiar faces around...

There are new people too. Still yet to meet my medic juniors.

Weather is getting cold. So cold that I had to switch on the heater in my room last night as normally my room is quite warm.

Catching a minor flu already.

Going to end my cleaning job for good this Fri. Can't wait.

Next week onwards will be busy full-time as uni work + project kick in

Monday, September 10, 2007

my royal mail job

Jz got back from my super boring royal mail induction today.

So boring that I dozed off a few times. But I got paid anyway for those 8 hours.

I'm doing the evening shift from 5.30pm.

To my parents, I know my limitations and the hectic medicine schedule. If I find the job affecting my studies, I will quit immediately. No need to worry. I also know that studying is my first priority and I WILL NOT do anything to jeopardize my studies.

I hope my parents can trust me in that

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I had my haircut

Finally after one year and one month..i've finally cut my hair!



thanks to Melvin and Stephanie for cutting my hair :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lake District trip

I'm pretty lazy to write a decent entry on my Lake District trip. So here goes...(warning: lots of pictures in this if ur broadband is slow, please be patient to let it finish loading)

To go on a trip, we must get the right people.

So, first, let me introduce the group leader and driver of the trip...Melvin!

and also our cheeky photographer!

Stephanie the other photographer...

who tries to act professional

Tze Way and I are the not-so-important members in the trip but try to gain attention once in a while by doing some silly acts like this:

the rabbit and the dog

Last but not least...

Mei Shun! Melvin's gf

Armed with a Nikon D70 and Canon (dunno what model) SLR cameras, the photos were very well taken.

First day we were at Aira Falls:

there's constantly a rainbow at the waterfalls if the sunlight shines through...nice

and we were at Ulswater where I learned to make many ripples by using one stone only

and we had BBQ in an unknown carpark coz we were too hungry and the sky was turning dark!
we couldn't care much about slugs and burnt food coz we were too hungry!

Second day, we climbed Cat Bells

We climbed and climbed..

halfway through Steph scratched herself
not serious though

and we stopped and rest many times...

we thought we had finally reached the highest peak...

But then we realised...

there was still much distance to walk!
haiyo! Haha (I like this pic very much. I think it's very artistically taken. That's me, TW and Steph walking)

That night we stayed at a rather dodgy bunk house (as quoted from Steph and Mei Shun) but which I thought was quite ok as it has all the basic facilities. You can't expect much from a 8 pounds-per-night bunk house right?

the door was supposed to be opened using a code but when we stayed there, the door couldn't be locked at all. But it was pretty safe

14 beds in a room

The next day was pretty wasted as we stopped at Bowness for a while and walked around the town a bit.
there were many people around as it was the bank holiday

ah well...the day wasn't that wasted after all coz we fed some hungry ducks and swans

Overall the trip was quite relaxing and cheap. We spent a total of 57 pounds altogether for the 3 days 2 nights trip which included transport and accomodation.

I think the trip was good except that we could have gone to more places rather than just spending one whole afternoon at Cat Bells. But anyway, I still have lots of time in UK to explore these places.

I shall end this post with some photos:

I like this pic. Thanks to Melvin for taking this pic

I used sundews to write my name on my jumper

nice scenery

me and TW