Sunday, December 30, 2007

I suddenly realised that I haven't responded to Lynda's tag:

8 Random Facts

Rules & regulations.
1) Each person tagged must post these rules.
2) They must post 8 random facts about themselves. (walaueh, 8 random facts a lot lerrrr)
3) When I say random, I mean R-A-N-D-O-M.
4) You'll have to elaborate about the facts.
5) The blogger shall then tag 8 of their pitiful friends.

A. I love to sleep

Yeah. I love sleeping. I sleep whenever I have any free time. I find sleep the most precious thing especially when work and uni become hectic. During holidays I sleep a lot. But it seems like I haven't been sleeping enough this holiday. I somehow become easily irritable when I'm sleep deprived.

B. my face is crooked

I only realised this fact last year in 2006 during one of my braces check-up with my dentist. At first I was puzzled why the dentist was trying to do with my jaw by asking me to open and close it. Then she told me to bite a ruler and instead of the ruler being parallel to the ground, mine was slanted to one side. This is because 'I have assymetrical jaw' the dentist said.

People told me that they can't see anything wrong with my face. But if you look into the mirror when I'm looking at it, you will see the obvious difference. I wonder why.

C. I am easily irritated

Maybe it's the 'monthly thing' which makes me moody. But I get easily irritated whenever things don't go my way. I feel very irritated when I'm concentrating in doing something and someone trying to take my attention away. For instance, when I am chatting with friends and someone is trying to tell me what happened to him/her during the day. Or when I am studying and someone is asking me to help him/her with something. I get extremely heart will be screaming 'Can't they see that I am busy???'. On some lucky days, I might help them but if not, I will just ignore them. I reply people in short sentences. I prefer to be left alone and wallow in self-p

D. On MSN, I prefer to chat with people one at a time

I don't like chatting with more than 2 people at the same time. If more than two, I can't focus on the conversation and it will get all messed up. I will be replying haphazardly. Replying people's questions without much thought. And if someone happens to talk to me when I'm busy replying >2 msn conversations, I will be confused.

E. I used to like baking

Yeah. I USED to like baking. I used to be the only one baking at home after daddy but it seems like Steph and Esther have overtaken me. At home I've got the machine and the great oven to do my baking. But too bad the ingredients were limited to try out exotic recipes. Here, although there is no machine, the ingredients can easily be obtained. Even then, financial means always pull me down. But the main reason is because I'm lazy. Lazy. Lazy. My friend told me I am so fond of laziness. Like what I said, I always sleep when I'm free. So I can never bake things.

F. I am scared of being scolded by people

I'm terribly scared of being scolded by people. So everytime whenever I do something or ask something, I am always careful to think thousand times to make sure that I do not do/ask stupid questions which will infuriate the other. But it seems like the more careful I am, the more times I get scolded. Hmm..maybe on my face is written '欠骂'. Haha. But I feel upset and low in self esteem whenever I am being scolded especially by loved ones.

(two more questions to go...!! wheeee)

G. I like eating chocolates + haribos (but not the ones with sugar coating)

I absolutely love chocolates. Thorntons, Lindt and Ferrero are my favourites brand. I can eat them non-stop until i feel guilty. These days I feel in love with a n kind of sweet called haribos (the gummy ones) as I find it not too sweet. It gives me energy to cycle to and fro from work.

H. I am a cry baby

In arguments, I am always the first to cry. I hate that. I hate it coz of some unknown reason my tears just keep falling. and my voice become so shaky my words become incoherent. I can't think straight when I cry. I cry when I'm mistreated (but I guess all girls are like that) or when I feel so stressed out. I cry when I think no one understands me. Haiz. How to become tough woman in tough situation? How to grow up if I don't change this habit. Big girls don't cry.

nah..don't think I wana tag 8 people coz I don't have enough friends to tag ma..haha

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