Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

Once again, it's the new year.

I'm again reminded sombrely that time is not in our control. Every past minute is history and cannot be taken back. Every precious moment must be cherished and remembered.

2007 was a year to remember:

1. I went to Holland and had fulfilled my childhood dreams:

2. Made a rash decision only to have caused unnecessary hurt

3. I managed to pass Year 1 medical school (yay!)

4. Wrote a birthday blog entry for my dad which I had planned a few weeks before.

5. Had a few job experiences and interviews

6. Experienced a strike for the first time and because of that had my weekly pay increased by 8 pounds

2007 was a good and bad year for me...

well erm...did I manage to fulfil my 2007 New Year's resolution then?

Nope. Only one --> I managed to pass my 1st year. But I didn't even manage to maintain my weight and instead gained 5kg more. What a failure.


Daddy said...

Whoa... you weigh 57Kg! That is quite heavy. So very soon you cannot wear most of your clothing! I am now wondering whether the clothing we bought for you can still fit or not.

I like this blog of yours. I have actually forgotten you have written so much. A real refresher and this is good.

Make sure that you rest well.

Read finish your bible in 2008!

God bless and take care.

Janice said...

haha. yea. But now my weight fluctuates at around 57 kg. It can be 55kg sometimes. Maybe coz I use different weighing machine.

Still can wear the clothes daddy bought for me la...I think i might have built up more muscle in my calves esp after cycling so much =)