Friday, January 05, 2007

3 more days...

3 more days and I'm back to uni which is equaled to back to insanity

sigh...but look on the optimistic side, in another 10 weeks, it's easter holidays! 10 weeks will be super fast but by then I think I will be busy studying.

2007...a year which I hit a 2 so sad...I've lived 2 decades of my life and also one-fifth of my life.

Like what was written on one of my msn friends' nickname, 'a brand new year, full of hopes'

Hopefully 2007 will be smooth-sailing for me. There will definitely be trials and difficulties but hopefully I will learn to grow from these and become more mature. what all typical bloggers do at the start of the year,

my new year resolution (I doubt I will fulfill any by the end of this year)

  • read my bible consistently everyday
  • say 'shit' less..lols
  • pass first year exam
  • maintain my weight at 52kg
  • Try out cooking at least 10 exotic dishes (approx one dish per month)
  • Cook for my course mates at least twice this year
  • Make more ang mo friends
Aiyak..can't think of anything more at the moment, maybe will add some things to the list later.