Thursday, January 11, 2007

hey...after I posted up my entry on how sad I feel, there were a few people who came to ask whether I was ok or not.

actually I'm ok already. Just can't help feeling disappointed. This is just a small test and there are many tests to come. It's not even the end of the world yet. And like what my friend said, 'there's more to life than my course'...hehe..thanks ar

My malay course mates were quite kind, they said they would call me to join their study group if they ever have one in the future.

Seriously, I'm quite touched by what people have done for me. This whole week has been quite a down week for me. But in life, if there are no downs, how can we learn to grow?

There were a few things which really made me happy. The photo tag from Yee Jun came unexpected. Although he made it for all his college friends in UK and it's free, a little surprise can brighten up my day. Then there's Gab who is always there to encourage and support me. Thanks. And to JC as well...still dunno u that well but anyways thanks for tagging. Give me the bible verse when you've found it ok?

Janice the rabbit will continue to persevere...she would not give up easily :)

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