Saturday, January 20, 2007

Term 2 is fun!


Term 2 is interesting and fun!

But interesting as it is, there's lots of self-directed learning which I've to do at home. Before and after each dissection, we have to study the anatomical parts of the body which we dissect. SSC work is also quite tough. My tutor gave us a short brief on what cardiovascular physiology is all about and expect us to summarise the whole thing in a report. I haven't even familiarised myself with the terms yet.

This term PPD( Personal professional Development...something to do with the professional development of doctors) was relatively interesting than last term.

Guess what we did in PPD?

build towers?! Amazingly the weird design of the structure was quite stable and eventually became the tallest tower.

The tutor wanted to make us know what teamwork is all about and asked us to build tallest towers. She made us list out 10 favourite musics and movies as a group too...I think PPD is quite good in the sense that I have to voice out my views, so can help improve my confidence a bit. It's at least better than last term where we learn about ethics...boring subject to me, but some people may find it interesting (i'm quite surprised that the British could talk A LOT on ethics where as my mind is just blank during the discussion). People were drawing turtles and stick people on their paper pad while I was sleeping during ethics lecture last term.

But I think this term will end pretty fast. It's only 8 weeks left before Easter starts. So soon huh? Term 3 will be busy again and sigh...end of year exam coming up soon too...die die

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