Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy birthday mummy!


as years go by, we would not realise that our loved ones are growing old. Only when we look at pictures then we will be amazed at how much they have grown old!


3 of us then

another member added in the family

full family photo

Throughout all these years, we kids must have added a lot of wrinkles to your face mummy. We were rebellious, disobedient, naughty, reckless , stubborn....all these must have caused you much worry and pain.

As rebellious as we can be, we do not forget our roots. We appreciate that you took great efforts to save enough money for us to enable us three elder girls to study medicine in the UK. That's such a big sacrifice! Not many parents can do that!

No matter how old you become and how many wrinkles and age spots you have grown, you are always our mummy! Nothing can ever change that fact =)

Happy birthday mummy!

lots of love xx

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Daddy said...

Nice writeup! The Christmas picture was taken in 2004! Time flies!